1. pope


    Well, here are a few photos of my last build. This is the battleship Bismarck (Kriegsmarine), at 1:200 scale. I will gradually post more photos. I hope you like it! Un abrazo a todos desde Granada, España.:cool:
  2. C

    Agora Bismarck

    Hi Group Just thougtht I would post a couple pictures of this build - which is multi media (metal, plastic and electronics). Its a fun build I would advise anyone who wants a diversion from wooden ships (Ive build a dozen of them) would encourage you. Agora Models takes many of the Hachette...
  3. Jack Sparrow

    Amati Bismarck 1:200 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Well here we go, my first build log. This is going to be a multiyear project as I am very slow at these things. I will not put together an unboxing video as there is already one on Youtube: I was thinking I would show a couple of pictures to start with. The first pic shows a sample of the...
  4. P

    Hachette build the Bismarck 1/200 build log

    As I am far advanced in my build I will be posting over the next week. some of the work that goes into this build. Starting with the Hull which is double planked.
  5. P

    1/200 Gpm Bismark with laser cut frames

    I have decided to ditch my other bismark build as I am not satisfied with quality and its costing me a fortune in knife blades. And being laser cut it should go together a little bit easier.
  6. Criplr702

    1/200 Trumpeter Bismark by Criplr702

    I'm almost finished with her. This is my first encounter with building something like this. I've never touched an airbrush or photo etch before doing this. Thank god for youtube and sites like this.
  7. Beau

    Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck

    Here are a few images of my 1/200 Bismarck. still have a long way to go.

    Bismarck 1:200 GPM 22'2011 Nr.182

  9. Charles QC

    Bismarck battle ship 1/200 scale Hachette publication 140 issues build 2008 - 2015

    Bismarck battle ship 1/200 scale Hachette publication 140 issues build 2008 - 2015 As it is a publication that arrive 4 a mount with some gap for a strike in France and some unknown reason It too 4y to received all the part I will try to condensate the build originally it was 140 logs entry to...
  10. P

    GPM 1\200 Bismarck card kit

    Time to start on my latest build this one is not for the faint hearted. First up will be the first third of the bulkheads and keel I will be adding extras I will explain as the build progress's. First up is keel section witch has to be cut in half in order to add the mid section former.
  11. B

    1/200 Trumpeter Bismark by bcsoseven

    Starting my second Bismarck and learning my lessons from my first one.
  12. Jim Lauser

    Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck Build [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi everyone. This is my first posting to the SOS forum. A little bit of history. I have been building models for a while, for my HO train set, but got interested in quality ship modeling a few years ago, after I retired. My first wooden model, just to see how it felt, was the Blue Shadow. I...