Blandford Cross Section Group Build Agreements and Download info

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Aug 21, 2011

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The Blandford Cross Section Group Build (BCSGB)
before requesting digital download @dbdriskell , please read and accept the Terms below.
The Blandford project sole purpose is ONLY for educational purposes and is not meant to be an endeavor on building a perfectly scaled model, however, it you wish to divulge in that, it is solely up to you to do the proper research and your own workbench. The sole purpose of the (BCSGB) is aimed towards the beginner in mind, but seasoned modelers are welcome too.

The Blandford was chosen as a base example of a "typical" cross section for educational and experimentation purposes. The main purpose is to teach model ship builders the techniques and basic practices of building admiralty style frames, decking, etc.

However, there are straightforward policies that must be adhered to and a member of the (BCSGB) is running a risk of not participating.
The purpose of these rules are not to discourage anyone, but it is to protect your interest and the interest of Ships of Scale.

before requesting digital download @dbdriskell , please read and accept the Terms below.
I. Active Members, Inactive Members, and Non-Registered Members
( Inactive and Non-Registered Members see supplemental i and ii )

1) Must have at least one (1) ongoing build log from a kit, scratch, card stock, plastic.
2) Must have at least one (1) Build log started from a kit, scratch, card stock, plastic.
3) Must have at least one (1) Build Log from any other section (f.e., a battle station, stagecoach, any other kit)
4) If no Build Logs have been generated, then the member must have at least a minimum of 20 posts that have been made within the last 2 or 4 months (showing they are active).
5) Must have written a post(s) in the past, maybe in a building log, or their own build log, but never finished it. Now they see, that they want to start scratch building and he finds this particular Group Build interesting and request the plans to participate in the Group Build.
II. Once you obtain the Plans
1) The plan(s) that you download is to remain in your possession at all times.
2) it is not allowed to give your username and password to anyone at any time.
3) The plan(s) are not to be modified using CAD or any other Graphics Software and re-introduced nor displayed into the Group Build in 2D or 3D by any member. Only the moderators of this project have this permission. Respect the author's design, unless you are displaying "a portion" of the plan for clarification for instruction to/from the author.
*example: "Am I placing the Gunport in the correct position ?" as opposed to "I redrew the plan to show where the Gunport should go"

4) The plan(s) that you download are NOT to be for re-sale, nor re-sold in any manner.
5) The plan(s) can not be redistributed or given away.

6) These plan(s) can not be made into a kit for sale.
7) Ships of Scale shall not receive any monetary compensation, nor charge any price, nor provide a quote for the plan(s). The Plan(s) are free of

8) Keep it simple: You are welcome to join the Group Build. Download the plan(s), create your own build log.
9) The Group Build will be directed by Mike41. He will be the Moderator of the forum and he has at his discretion to edit, remove, warn, or take any other action to keep the Group Builds fun and safe place to work on your project.

Mike41 will have an introductory starting page. His page is open and available for the purpose for him to administer construction steps, support, additional modification or changes. Mike41 will be available to monitor and to assist anyone with the build. The best option is to "Reply" to his post which is a "sticky" post.

If you agree, then we gladly accept you to join this (BCSGB).

PM (Private Message) to @Donnie to request a LINK to gain access to the downloads.

As of September 22, 2017: The Project is still in design and will be released shortly in about 4 to 5 days from now.
As of September 26, 2017: The Project is in final proofreading and checking and perhaps credentials will be released today or tomorrow.
As of January 01, 2018: All Parts 1 - 6 have been completed.

Thank you for your participation. I hope that this Group Build will grow and let's have some fun with it !!!

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