Build Log: Lowell Grand Banks Dory [COMPLETED BUILD]

Feb 5, 2024

Hi all just I’m at the final stretch of building my Dory. Sorry not much of a build log as I have almost completely built it. I have to say this was a most enjoyable build I did run into a few problems along the way with the tombstone being too high and other things which I hadn’t realized till another builder had pointed out like the jig for the frame too wide which I didn’t correct believing that the images weren’t to scale and well she came out a bit wide at top. But all in all it was fun except for deciding on what color to build it as I didn’t want to go with ocre and green as I had searched online and found many color variations and ideas so still going at it. Here as some of the progress pictures. FFAC5950-29D5-4276-BA0D-44443CD6B315.jpegIMG_5810.jpegIMG_5811.jpegIMG_5812.jpegIMG_5818.jpegIMG_5817.jpegIMG_5820.jpegIMG_5826.jpeg
Trouble with the thwarts being to short due to not filing down the frame jigs to size according to the assembly patterns.
Saw these neat seat patterns just had to add them still have a few more details that I would like to add in once I finish installing the cap rails.IMG_5866.jpeg
Thanks for visiting my log.
Haven't posted much progress been busy busy with work and family ya know so haven't done much all that is left is the final touches the top rails and oars and a top coat to seal everything in, will post final pics soon. thanks for following my build log.
Whoop finally done yeah my first wooden boat complete! Well it took some time more than expected but it is a hobby work and family first till I retire so now on to the next one this was super enjoyable. Here are pictures of the model complete hope y’all like em thanks for following.IMG_6002.jpegIMG_6001.jpegIMG_5999.jpegIMG_5997.jpegIMG_5996.jpegIMG_5994.jpeg


Congratulations on your first wood model! Nicely built, Dory! There are no built Dorys alike.
Congratulations! Your Dory looks great! Any idea what's next?
Thank you all for you kind words, next on the list would probably be one of the Nikonov's Submarines getting both in the mail soon, or maybe the 18th century longboat. I am leaning towards one of the subs though, we'll see.
Congratulations for finishing this model - well done