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Aug 21, 2011

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Copyright Statement
The issue of copyright is a long and complex, often nuanced topic that is difficult to address in totality within the context of an online forum. The very nature of forums like Ships of Scale provides a myriad of opportunities for members to knowingly or unknowingly infringe on the lawful copyright of others.

Therefore, we ask that our members abide by a few simple guidelines to ensure that Ships of Scale remains a free and open place to communicate, while also protecting the investments of the many vendors with whom we all do business.

Copyright Guidelines
  • Distribution, or facilitating the distribution of, unauthorized or illegally obtained copyrighted materials is strictly forbidden. This includes posting or sharing complete copies of plans, manuals, photographs, and digital products not originally created by you or that are not otherwise in the public domain. If you are unsure if your materials fall under these categories, do not post it.
  • Partial images from manuals, plans, photographs, and digital products are allowable as long as the purpose is to offer discussion or review or to gain input from membership on issues of clarity or progress in your build. If you choose to include partial snapshots of copyrighted materials, please do so with complete and full credit to the creator of that material.
We will do our best to ensure that we all abide by these simple guidelines but rely on and ask that you join us. If you see something questionable, please report it to Admin and Moderators.


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