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Aug 21, 2011

Madison, MS
Just writing to say THANK YOU, somehow is not enough. I wish I could give a personal greeting in person to each that gave and donated. Even though the Drive is not quite over, we intend to let it run for a few more days for those that have been away for a while, or just trying to catch up with things.

I really would like to send out a personal email to each person, however, I can not promise this due to the overwhelming responses we had. So, I will probably stay with another mass email to some out to you. Mass email seems a little impersonal, however, I can tell you that it is from my heart to you.

Now, this is also on my heart:
Here at SOS, I want to reinstate that you have the FREEDOM here to build what ever you wish. We do not believe in controlling your hobby, what you build, where you bought your kit it from, who manufactured it.

That is your personal business and in his hobby, that is the way it should be. It is YOUR hobby. No one in any forum should in any shape, form, or fashion should make anyone feel unwanted, guilty, cancel you, ban you, or any other myriad of instruments of control.

SOS will continue to grow as we have the best Moderators and Administrators that also care about the PERSON behind that ship or model that you are building. We have several members that are out in hospitals, at home ill with serious conditions that I and others always make contact with to check on them. I personally have spoken on the phone with members from the other side of the world to encourage them with thoughts and prayers for their speedy recovery so they can get back to their love of the hobby.

In conclusion, we always have an open door to serve you. It is interesting that we hit the 3000 mark of membership. The number 3000 has significance - in one particular language, the number 3000 is translated to mean 'to serve'. SOS is here 'to serve' the Modeling community with one the best online Model Ship Building forums !!

I want to thank Winston and his Navy Board Models of which we have always been partners in strengthening this great hobby. Also as well to our Sponsors.

Donald B. Driskell
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