Harold Hahn CAD log of a Naval Gun

Good to see that you make something with naval background.
Hi Uwe,

I had been having difficulty in the past trying to find Carriages / Gun plans that are complete enough to make a drawing. Another reason is that most all the CAD I have been doing is "lesson" based. So, I have started to learn enough on my own to try some things on my own. Also some ship things are sort of difficult to draw due to the curvatures. I will continue with this Cannon until complete.
I have some eye bolts, through bolts, trunnions, gun and things left to do.

Thank for looking -

Ok, now I have added ring bolts and Stool Bed. I am pleased with the results and I am NOT following a tutorial, but rather paper plans with dims. I am not too happy with the plain red, as there should be a hint of wood grain. I have yet to figure this part out.

Naval Gun Harold Hahn-02.jpg
It is coming out good. Would it be possible to show us also the original Hahn drawing?
I will get that to you soon. Actually, I found it on google search. It wasn't until I was looking at title of drawing is that I saw the finer print of his name.

Naval Gun Harold Hahn-03.jpg
The carriage is getting better and better with more details.
I have one small remarks, but I can be wrong.
I think that the side brackets of the carriage were composed by only two pieces, connected where you have the lowest „horizontal“ line. So the upper three lines would not exist and not be visible.
I will investigate that. You are probably correct as I do not know that much about Cannons. Here is as far as I am probably going to go with it so far. I can only say that this was NOT a tutorial, but taken from some dimensions of some plans.

Naval Gun Harold Hahn-07.JPGNaval Gun Harold Hahn-08.JPGNaval Gun Harold Hahn-09.JPGNaval Gun Harold Hahn-10.JPGNaval Gun Harold Hahn-11.JPG
Beautiful work Donnie,

I am looking into cad for making the drawing and then cnc fabricate the parts, like milling and lasering. This for my next project after my RC, so probably 2 years. How steep is the learning curve on turbo cad? I do have now two remaining programs on my list being onshape and freecad because both are fully free of license.
Hi Maarten and thanks.

Well, I can not speak for any other CAD program as I do not have any other to compare. I have downloaded other programs in the near past, but was not happy with them. There is a trade off in CAD versitility and 3D and the price points, features, etc. TurboCAD also comes in the Deluxe Version which will still do 3D just fine at a price point of about $130 USD Not bad. I use the TurboCAD Pro Platinum and it is upward about $1400 if I remember. That may seem like a shock, but compare that to AutoDesk at $4000 and also Solid Works at about $5000 (starting and going up fast with add-ons)

To answer your question will be vague as the fact is that all GOOD CAD will have a rather substantial learning curve. I do know that there are plenty of Tutorials Like textualcreations.com of which I learn from that has plenty of youtube videos of how the professional takes you step by step. My very most humble opinion is that any CAD program that is free will most likely be very limited. If you do find such a program, please let me know.

Hi Donnie,
What are the features you really recommend?
From you tube I have seen both onshape and freecad are both fully functional 3d cad programs with comparable options as the large paid programs. But freecad is still coming with some issues as it is still work in progress as being open source and in onshape free version you have to share your work with the rest of the globe because it is online. Personality I think onshape is the best but then everybody can look into your work, for hobby no issue. Except if I want to work on drawings from ancre for my own model these are then online accesible for everybody and I dont know if ancre is happy with that. I think I will test both programs with something simple like a sloop and then see which is the best choice. The issue is you have to take a choice which program you spend al your time in to learn and you have to select without exactly knowing what you need.
I looked into Turbocad de luxe today and it is a great product for the price you pay. Turbocad premium is however providing much more 3d drawing tools, but as well 10x the price.

I also found a 3d cad modeling program free of charge which is very intuitive, it is called designspark mechanical. I downloaded it and it works great, it is created for uk based company RS electronics and designed for prototyping and 3d printing. Worth to have a look at.
Hi Doc,
here is a Caboose that I did in Turbo Deluxe 2017. This was done using a Tutorial from Don Cheke's Textual Creations. It took me about 2 weeks to draw this as it is quite complicated. BUT, if you follow the tutorial, he takes you literally step by step and shows you even how to set up your turbo configuration to get the most out of it. So, basically, the answer is yes, you can do a lot with just the Deluxe. Ok, so what can you NOT do are things like 3D Fillets, Lofting. Of which I can explain later.
So, since you have TC Deluxe, I will attach the Caboose File that I did. You can look at it in wireframe, Hidden Line and draft mode, advanced rendering mode as well.

First is a JPG image of the Caboose including the nice background rendering done in TCW as well. The actual file does not have the rendered background.
Download the MyCaboose-2016.TCW



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