HMS Enterprize 1782 Shipyard 1:72

Hope your recovery is going well... I have a question.... what is the pink foam for..?......(I assume it it there so if you roll the hull over it supports it off the table to prevent crush damage and to hold the bulkheads apart..hope Im right?!?!)
that looks very interesting tpo me as I want to built her as painted in the way of the pomp of the Marshall paintings. Overdecorated and (against the 1774 ordre)medium_1864_0005_0002__0001_.jpg without any name on the transom. But due to my inaptitude to build the frames from card she will come with an enclosed and white painted underwater hull:medium_1864_0005_0001.jpg
But the kit has got a standard lion figurehead instead of the David figure with the Goliath's head. Also the decoration on the hull has to be redone to fit this very much higher royal standard. As this paintings were made for the Price of Wales.
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@Iterum ,

This is the painting you can find at the NMM:
A painting showing a model of the frigate 'Enterprise' in starboard-quarter view. It has been depicted fixed to a table base, with a label on the side that reads 'Enterprise 28 Guns 200 Men'. The finely detailed painting was part of a commission of twelve perspective paintings, each of a different class, ordered by King George III. Each was accompanied by a memorandum describing the improvements in design that had been introduced since 1745. The work of producing these perspectives from the original Navy Board plans of the ships was divided between two draughtsmen, Joseph Williams and J. Binmer, whilst Joseph Marshall painted all the pictures. Their task was completed in August 1775. The model of the 'Enterprise' is positioned in a corner of a room, implied by the decorated wall behind featuring classical figures, and a wall frieze. The painting is signed and dated 'J Marshall pt. 1777'.


It is different to the two paintings you showed which are, I guess, from the Science museum

BTW here also an interesting contemporary model at the science museum:
May I board your building log?!
I will not take it upon myself to assert from what material it is easier to create masterpieces. I think every material has its own advantages and challenges. However, I can definitely say you are skilled enough, and both of your paper models are the prof for my judgement. Please keep up a great work.

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I have ordered the paintings copy's in A3 format and so can work on the models by picking out details as needed by cam.

Do I need also the MERCURY kit to build the propper modell easier?
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