1. Pitr Obrębski

    HMS MERCURY 1779 1:72 Shipyard

    Hello. I would like to show my process of building the HMS MERCURY model in 1:72 scale from the Shipyard kit. I started construction in 2019, but due to professional reasons and the resulting chronic lack of free time, the work is taking an infinite amount of time. The model is mainly made of...
  2. Iterum

    LA BELLE-POULE in 1771

    LA BELLE-POULE is an well known old Shipyard kit scaled to 1/96 of this classic French 12-pounder frigat BELLE POULE 1765 showing in her appearance from 1771 on. The modelkit get's 460mm long and does fit to my desk very well. Yesterday night I found the First time to dir in the Kirchen me and...
  3. 1

    HMS Alert 1/72 scale from Shipyard

    The Shipyard HMS Alert, in scale 1/72, just arrived from Ages of Sail, kit # ZL:001. It looks like the only item that wasn't included was the glue. Everything else was, rigging lines, cannons, blocks, paint brushes and paints you name it...even directions! I have on hand some Gorilla glue and...
  4. Atamini

    HMS Mercury 1/72, Shipyard models

    Hi all, this is my first post in this forum although not my first model. I’ve built a number of ship models in numerous mediums from plastic kits, resin kits, to wooden kits and some scratchbuilt models. The Mercury however is my first card/paper model. After seeing images and some builds of...
  5. Eric

    Shipyard 1:72 HMS Alert/Continental Navy Revenge

    So my Alert kit arrived and I’m getting ready to figure this thing out, and since it’s my first ever ship, I’m sure I’ll be needing help. First thing off, I’m going to be building the kit as the Continental Navy cutter Revenge, which won’t necessitate any major structural changes to the hull or...
  6. P

    HMS Enterprize 1/96 card model from Shipyard

    Hello, I’m starting my first my paper ship this morning and my first build thread on this forum. The kit came on a bunch of large sheets of different weights. Some have to be glued to .5mm or 1mm cardstock. I’m scanning in each sheet then I’ll print them on the appropriate thickness of paper...

    Summary of SHIPYARD Laser cardboard kits - An article from a customer

    SUMMARY of SHIPYARD Laser cardboard kits Kit Reviews

    Kit review HMS ALERT the naval cutter 1777" SHIPYARD 1:72 Laser cardboard kit 1

    HMS ALERT the naval cutter 1777 SHIPYARD 1:72 Laser cardboard kit 1 Kit Info Name: HMS Alert Cat. No. ZL:001 Scale: 1:72 Lenght: 540 mm Width: 220 mm Height: 460 mm Quantity in package: 1 piece Type of packaging: Box (500x350x50 mm) Laser-Cut Kit includes: - all parts cut by laser -...

    Kit review Le Coureur French Lugger 1776" SHIPYARD 1:72 Laser cardboard kit 2

    STATEMENT It's not my responsibility to investigate the design source of this model. As a modeler, I only post information of this kit here. Please let me know if there is any infringement of intellectual property. Relevant Link...

    Kit Review:"HMS WOLF the 10-gun sloop 1752" SHIPYARD 1:72 Laser cardboard kit 29

    HMS Wolf The 10-Gun Sloop 1752 SHIPYARD Laser cardboard kit 29 Information from SHIPYARD website Name: HMS Wolf Cat. No. ZL:029 Scale: 1:72 Lenght: 520 mm Width: 270 mm Height: 395 mm Quantity in package: 1 piece Type of packaging: Box (500x350x50 mm) Laser-Cut Kit includes: - all parts cut by...

    Kit Review:"HMS Mercury the 28-gun frigate 1779" SHIPYARD 1:72 Laser cardboard kit 6

    HMS Mercury The 28-Gun Frigate 1779 SHIPYARD Laser cardboard kit 6 Length of model: 88cm Scale 1:72 Appearance Look Inside Instructions-Accessories-Rigging Guide-Sails-Laser Cut Parts-Mast Materials
  12. B

    HMS VICTORY on 1/96 Shipyard Build

    I have started the Shipyard build and having done the frame in 1mm card and built up to 2mm for extra thickness i cut the so called Skeleton sections all out,after checking plan Nothing is as is seems the skeleton as called to go round the frame is in Roman Numerals which is fine. Its the rest...
  13. Bonden

    HMS Mercury, 1:72, Shipyard [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I think it's not boring to show the construction of a second Shipyard Mercury here. I'm building this model since February 2014. However, every year is a long break, from April or May to September / October I prefer to enjoy the nice weather outside. :cool: But now, when the evenings are getting...
  14. epicdoom

    Shipyard HMS Victory 1:96 build

    While I was waiting on other Projects to dry I decided to start on this Build. I had a hard time finding 1mm thick non corrugated cardboard or paper to make the frame from. then when I did find something close enough its in small sheets. So I notched 3 sheets together Glued up with Thin CA to...
  15. Paragraf

    HMS Victory 1:96 based on Shipyard

    Hello. I’d like to introduce You the building process of my cardstock (pressboard) HMS Victory. The first thing was to make a ship’s frames. The frames I made from 1 mm cardstock, except the bottom of hull (beneath the waterline), where the frames are 3 mm thick. To increase the thickness I...
  16. ron0909

    Shipyard's HMS Bellona 1:96

    Hi everyone, I've been a card modeler for years and almost always stuck to Great War aircraft. I saw a few Shipyard builds in the past that were oh so inspiring that I had to give it a go. Of course I had to choose the Bellona as my first ship and promptly figured out that I had bitten off...
  17. J

    HMS Enterprize 1782 Shipyard 1:72

    Hoi, this build is no kit, there are printed parts for the hull, those have to be cut out and doubled to get the right thickness. Also a set of plans, and i managed to get me a lasercut for the very hard to cut small pieces. :D She will be the black and yellow version with the high quarterdeck...
  18. J

    HMS Mercury 1797 Shipyard 1:72

    This is the build of the HMS Mercury lasercut kit, it will be build in full color. Please bare with me because i`m a slow builder and its not an easy ship.;) What worries me the most is the rigging, i`m a total newby. We`ll see, it is still a long way from now.