HMS VICTORY on 1/96 Shipyard Build

Sep 28, 2018

I have started the Shipyard build and having done the frame in 1mm card and built up to 2mm for extra thickness i cut the so called Skeleton sections all out,after checking plan Nothing is as is seems the skeleton as called to go round the frame is in Roman Numerals which is fine. Its the rest what goes lengthways to keep it together is is numbered on the plan as EI1-DI1-CI1 etc but the actual number on the skeleton are E1I-D1I etc so i presume there is a missprint and hope not all over the plan, on the opposite of EI1 is E1P D2P ect i presume this is for the other side, also 3a1 4a1 5a1 as is E12 D12 ect is no were to be found on the sheets to cut out were are they find also very rough start its not set in or anything just left loose.
I am every time interested to see how these big hulls are done in cardboard - and be honest: I am wondering how this is done, so that the hull will get the correct form - Looking forward with big interest