1. E

    Hms Victory by D'Agostini

    Just read it's never too late to start a build log, so 6 1/2 years late, tho' not prolific in picture taking, I thought I'd put up a few pictures I have. It's really a poor quality kit, bought because you could get it on subscription. Big mistake, should've waited the year & bought the...
  2. B

    Caldercraft HMS Victory Build

    And so I start my journey. I have always been interested in wooden model ships, and have always wanted to build one. The attention to detail, the research involved, the meticulousness of getting every detail right and accurate. However, age precludes some of that (at least for me). I...
  3. J

    Occre - HMS Victory build log

    Just ordered the new rather expensive HMS Victory from Occre. Look forward to receiving it in a few days time. Hope to post the build of it over the next few months or more realistically a year. Should be interesting comparing it to the Caldercraft Victory I built in 2015. Since then a Titanic...
  4. U

    HMS Victory - Corel - Cross section

    I guess little late starting a build,log is better than not starting at all. This kit is a challenge as it is mostly inaccurate as a representation of the midsection of the HMS VICTORY. That is part of the fun and challenge to take basically a shell and make something more true to the...
  5. A

    HMS Victory - 1:98 scale. Mantua Model

    My second ever wooden model ship. Hopefully putting into practice, lessons learned from building the Halcon and taking on board the excellent advice from members on this site. HMS Victory is currently in dry dock at my "shipyard", with the false keel clamped in the jig. 18 bulkhead frames and...
  6. Jesus Reina

    Hms Victory, plans by Vicenso Lusci

    I present to you my current project, the famous HMS Victory. It's a project that I've been working on for a few years, since I'm picking it up and leaving it as time goes by. I had a problem with the computer and I have lost the assembly photos so I can only show the current ones. greetings sailors
  7. S

    Mantua HMS Victory 1:98 art.776. Hitting a wall!!!

    Hey guys I decided to build my first model kit. Of course I'm finding out that I'm building one of the hardest models to start... Mantua HMS Victory 1:98 art.776. I do plan on starting a full build log but I need to recover parts that are missing from the kit. I noticed that Parts numbers 21...
  8. Adiefenbach

    My Swing at Caldercraft HMS Victory

    Have been watching TraumaDoc's progress with great interest as he is just a few weeks ahead of me. Also see that Maddog Harry is also embarking on the same voyage. I have been learning a lot from Paul Vicker's videos/log as well. I started my build on 23 November and have gotten the first...
  9. Tony H

    Caldercraft HMS Victory 1:72 TonyH

    If you saw a Caldercraft Victory on eBay that had been started, would you be tempted? Last year this happened to me and I had to get it, I had no intention of starting it back then as I had other things to do. This was not going to be my next project but as we are putting our house on the...
  10. traumadoc

    Caldercraft Victory Build Log

    All right, here we go,, I finishing up my Amati Vanguard now as my “learning” ship and am now taking on the Victory which has been my dream for build for the last 30 years since before medical school. I did not make a log of the the Vanguard as I was afraid to show my mistakes and was afraid of...
  11. Signet

    1:20 Scale Victory & Constitution Gun Models by Signet [COMPLETED BUILD]

    While waiting to hear more about Pavel's 1/64 scale San Bartolome, I needed something else to work on, so I decided to start this build of a Victory 32-Pounder. A bit of background: When building my Corel HMS Victory cross section kit, I felt the guns included were not to scale. Especially...
  12. Stratomonkey

    HMS Victory - Caldercraft / JoTiKa 1/72 Scale - First proper wood ship build

    Hi to all and welcome to my first build log. So, in case you are wondering why on earth would I want to choose this as a first build of a wooden ship? Simple answer is because I love large models and this has been on my bucket list for a number of years and a few months ago I got the chance to...
  13. Martin555.

    My little Victory

    Hi Guys, Firstly before I start this build log I want to say a very big thank you to our member Rsj who has made this build possible by giving me the plans and instructions for the Mantra 1:200 scale HMS Victory that he had built and has done a fantastic job in doing so. Thank you very much...
  14. Resoian

    HMS Victory mid section 1/200

    My new build still using to improve my skills So chose another cheap Chinese kit as always you get what you pay for. Selection of photos as it starts. The material is very flimsy i tried the way the suggested and fitted the ribs to the keel but when trying to fit the deck supports it was prone...
  15. IoannisK

    HMS Victory 1/96 by Shipyard

    Hello everyone!! I decided to begin my HMS Victory from paper, well actually my first HMS Victory, i want to make two of them eventually since i like very much this ship and i would like to decorate both my house and my father's. So let's begin!! These two photos are from the first dry...
  16. Sparky

    HMS Victory Bow section Panart- Scale 1:78

    This is my seventh build. I do believe it's above my skill level but for better or worse I'm going to give it a try. I've never done a second planking so this will be interesting. Also, the sheet plans are all in Italian. I've been using the Google translator which works really good. I...
  17. paulv1958

    HMS Victory - CalderCraft 1:72

    And so it begins: I purchased this kit back in 2014 ( 8 YEARS AGO) for $1,400 Australian. After finishing 4 previous models ( CC Endeavour, Occre Albatros, Amaiti Stage Coach & Occre Stephensons Rocket) I was hooked on wood kits. I had a windfall and invested in the kit. I was keeping it till...
  18. Nietslim

    Hms Victory 1:200 midsection (Nidale) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I found this little kit on the Internet and bought it because i was curious about it and i couldn't resist to buy it for only 25 euro. Yesterday it got delivered and i just open it. Can't say it does look bad, and the building plans doesn't look bad at all. But its amazing small with a lot...
  19. K

    Heller Victory 1:100 with resin printed enhancements

    Hi, I started building this model way, way back, after a break of about 40 years since the typical adolescent modelling experience. I then parked it for quite a few years as there were more important things calling on my time, but picked it up again proper earlier this year. This coincided with...
  20. Attila R

    HMS Victory, 104-gun First-rate ship, Scale 1:72, by Attila

    HMS Victory is a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, ordered in 1758, laid down in 1759, and launched in 1765. She is best known for her role as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805.