1. Cirdan

    HMS Victory by Manfred Burkert, Scale 1:57

    Hello again, a few days ago I introduced myself, now the first thing I would like to do is to introduce a friend‘s model. His name is Manfred and i met him for the first time in 2018 at the fair in Friedrichshafen (Faszination Modellbau = the fascination of model making) at Lake Constance. The...
  2. Rmazdra

    HMS Victory (1765) - Artesania Latina

    I purchased my AL kit of HMS Victory early in 2019 off of eBay. I paid $600 for it (which is about the average cost that I see). Overall, I am happy with the kit. I really like the beauty in the different variety of woods. My initial intention was to paint the entire model the battle colors at...
  3. RenAshbelle

    HMS Victory, 1:50

    How I got into this hobby. Way back several years ago, during my college years, that summer, I got bored from doing nothing. Then I remembered something. There's a book of my uncle containing handmade crafts, including "How to make ship in a Bottle" that got my interest before, but I quit...
  4. P

    HMS VICTORY The Upper Gun Deck

    On this deck were the smallest 12 pounder short guns, clever how they worked out the weights and balance. At the rear was the Admirals cabins, where Nelson made his plans of attack at Trafalgar. To think all these partitions, furniture etc would have to be stowed away for a major battle. Please...
  5. S

    HMS Victory - Constructo 1:94 by Steve Beckley

    Made a start with a cradle
  6. Stevedownunder

    1/100 Heller HMS Victory by Stevedownunder

    G’day Viewers, This is not exactly a build blog more a where I got to before stopping work around 25 years ago. There are a few reasons I stopped working on this model. One main reason, being very disappointed with the way some of my shrouds turned out mainly the first shroud on each lower...
  7. Moarein

    HMS Victory - 1/100 Heller

    Hello people! I am opening a new topic for my new project - HMS Victory The scale is 1/100, the company is Heller. Several Years ago, I bought the model from a friend who had started it, but refused to finish The model collected dust on the shelf for a long time, and now his time has come. I...
  8. ziled68

    HMS Victory Cross Section, POF ,Scale 1:48 by Raymond Deliz

    Hello Everyone, It has been over a year since I've retired from the military and I finally find myself at liberty to follow my dream, construction of a cross section of the HMS Victory. I must confess that the liberty I am currently enjoying is a break from the my wife's "Honey-Do" list so I...
  9. RZ Flyer

    HMS Victory 1:78 by RZ Flyer

    Hello friends, This will start my new build log of the HMS Victory 1:78. I will be gathering my info, images, etc and post more soon. Thank you RZ Flyer
  10. Rhoadesy

    HMS Victory - Mamoli, Scale 1:90, by Rhoadesy

    Hi all, new member to the site so thought i would say hello and introduce myself. Im from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire & 1st timer to scale modelling. I needed a new hobby during lockdown and thought I would try my hand at Mamoli HMS Victory. I know, I know .. shouldn't start with this kit...
  11. D

    HMS Victory Build #776 1:98 scale

    Hi from Beaverton, Oregon. my name is Dick and am not new to modeling. I was in engineering and at that time we modeled pulp factories and computer chip factories in plastic and wood. Long before 3D acad. I’m also very proficient in autocad. So when I visited my relative in Boston I saw he had...
  12. Mark Frazier

    HMS Victory - by Mantua Sergal - 1:78 scale

    Welcome to my new build log of the HMS Victory. This is a copy of my build log I started on another forum. This journey has a special meaning for me. All my life I wanted to build a ship. Not just any ship, but a highly detailed model, but as with most things life gets in the way. I built...
  13. Daliab

    HMS Victory build - Mantua/Panart 738 by Daliab - FINISHED

    How I got started in this hobby. A couple of years ago the wife and I went to Boston to visit my sister. While there we went into a gift store in Rhode Island that had all of these beautiful looking wooden model sail boats. I said to myself I would love to build one of these. That Christmas, my...
  14. P

    HMS VICTORY the Middle Gun Deck

    This deck had the smaller 24 pounder guns, the cooking stove was to make a hot meal for the odd 800 crew! and at the stern was the quarters for the Officers. When going into battle the partitions would be dismantled and stowed away with furniture etc to make more room for the gun crews. Another...
  15. A

    hms victory 1/100

    im trying too find out were 2 start and were 2 finish A72 rope , as you can see the picture looks like 1 mess . hope theres help here :) i have add 2 pic.
  16. Spider999

    HMS Victory, Mamoli 1:90 scale by Spider999

    Started the build back in 2005 when my son was born, put about 90 hrs in then we had a secondchild 2009 so the boat went on hold. We moved house in 2013 and I moved my big shed with us and set it up as a proper Man cave (boatshed!!) said "right. I can start the boat again" to which the admiral...
  17. John builds

    HMS VICTORY - My YouTube channel

    Hi all, I started building HMS Victory back in March of last year, one month into the build I started posting updates on YouTube, but over the last 6months it’s turned into a build log, I will post a link to my channel if anybody would like the check out my build...
  18. rdluce

    H.M.S. Victory Bow Section Panart 1:78

    Greetings to all. Not my first model but will be the first log I’ve attempted. I’m working from my phone as I don’t have a working computer at the moment so bear with me. I’ve resized this by emailing myself and using the resize option so hopefully, resolution will...
  19. paulb

    Heller 1/100 HMS Victory

    I was just browsing through the SOS website - I didn't realize there were threads here for plastic ships too. I have built several and thought I would add my build log of my HMS Victory. It is located on my website: The build log for the Victory can be found HERE.
  20. S

    HMS Victory 1765 kit 1:200

    Hello all, it's time to begin my first build log, of HMS Victory in 1:200 scale. This will be the 3rd sailing vessel I have built, though my previous 2 were Revel Plastic kits of the Cutty Sark and the CSS Alabama, and both were several decades ago while I was in high school. I've been lurking...