1. stoney71

    My Heller 1/100th Victory

    Finished after a three year build.
  2. epicdoom

    Shipyard HMS Victory 1:96 build

    While I was waiting on other Projects to dry I decided to start on this Build. I had a hard time finding 1mm thick non corrugated cardboard or paper to make the frame from. then when I did find something close enough its in small sheets. So I notched 3 sheets together Glued up with Thin CA to...
  3. Paragraf

    HMS Victory 1:96 based on Shipyard

    Hello. I’d like to introduce You the building process of my cardstock (pressboard) HMS Victory. The first thing was to make a ship’s frames. The frames I made from 1 mm cardstock, except the bottom of hull (beneath the waterline), where the frames are 3 mm thick. To increase the thickness I...
  4. Y.T.

    HMS Victory by Y.T.- Mamoli - 1:90 scale

    This is a copy of build log started back in March this year 2018: decided to build HMS Victory by Mamoli 1:90 scale. Reasons? I wanted to build a model which is a) relatively complex; b)not too large so I can work on it in my condo (moved out of house a few years ago); c) of a beautiful and...
  5. Ekis

    Victory 1737 - 1:84 scale

    I'm doing this thread on the HMS Victory which is the current project. I've made good progress on construction, but I'm going to put the construction steps here and let it react before posting the next ones. All texts are those of a French forum, simply translated by Google Translate. Excuse me...
  6. Uwek

    Kit review HMS VICTORY - 1765 - Nelsons Flagship - scale 1:78 - Panart / Krick

    Kit Review: HMS Victory, 1765 - Nelsons Flagship - scale 1:78 - Panart / Krick Photo by Manufacturer Specification of Kit: Length: 1300 mm, Height: 920 mm, width: 450 mm Sails are available as add-on, but not included in kit Panart Kit similar to Sergal, but in Panart kit the copper-plates...
  7. M

    DeAgostini HMS Victory build by Mike Y

    This is a picture record of my build of the DeAgostini part-work entitled "Build Lord Nelson's HMS Victory" which runs to 120 weekly instalments. I began it in May 2015 and completed it a couple of months ago though I have yet to make the display case to house it. I used to make numerous plastic...
  8. R

    Richard Simmons UK Model Ship Builder

    HI Been building model ships for about 50 years. After the disappointed builds of REvel THermopolae and a plastic Victory Read Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by LOngridge and sore I would build a scratch Victory Started with a Bulling kit Not Impressed until I was introduced to the incredible Panart...
  9. otrax01

    HMS Victory Mamoli 1:90 Scale

    Well after finishing my first build (La Mirage) I'm now starting the second ship in my collection of started ship models. This is the HMS Victory by Mamoli in the 1 to 90 scale. It depicts the ship in 1765. I've already made a few changes to the gun deck to look a little more realistic. I...