Matt Kassebaum H.M.S. Victory

I"m working on a Mamoli Victory.... definately a challenge
This is my first and many advised me to start small. It has been a huge struggle but as I said very enjoyable and a learning process. I want to do the Caldercraft Victory next. I included a book that I highly recommend to anyone building any Victory as it is very complete in all aspects from planking to rigging to many things that were not in my Billings directions and I found many things wrong in the directions. I believe this book is still accessible. Mine came from a lady in England. I highly recommend this.20210323_132947.jpg
Thank you! Victory is a challenge even for an experienced individual. I've made many mistakes in this as I went and have learned alot of different things. Im still a long way from being completed yet though. I did purchase tha Caldercraft and it is on the way but I will be shelving that out of sight until this is complete so I do not get side tracked. Im looking forward to that Victory.
I joined a little while back but never posted. Thought I would share my build. This is my first ever. Still a huge work in progress. Enjoy! Please feel free to comment or offer idea
Hallo @Matt Kassebaum
we wish you all the BEST and a Happy Birthday
Very good work on your model, especially for your first model! ThumbsupThumbsupThumbsup
I guess in the meantime she is completed, or?
Maybe you post an update, or show us your second ship model project