Knots Board

Jan 3, 2013

Tarragona (Spain)
Here I present something other than a ship but it has much to do with this hobby.
The typical knot board.

Important also have one or more manuals knots, that's a sack internet. I think it is necessary to indicate which, but if anyone wants one in particular, I have as "good":
1 - Encyclopedia of Knots. Pg 160
2 - The Ashley Book of Knots (Very Good) 620 pg.

Let the mess.
First we need the materials, in this case it is a wood core, rope, black cloth, red thread, tacks or brads gold and some other element "ocean"

Red wire to the tops and badges for the names of the knots

Strings of different thicknesses.

And the basic set of tools.

Here the odd accessory yet make do and others do not appear to be made by hand.

The next step is to line the timber with black cloth and divide with red (or other color) the board into sections for locating in a "nice" elements in the space available.
Booking is important to approximately 1 cm along the entire frame to facilitate the task of positioning the end frame.

We use wide ribbon to give it a more "pofessional" and not see the fabric hanging.

According to a sketch on paper we should have done before, we proceed to define the spaces on the board. By the nails and thread, make the "partition" of the board.

And then, we are doing pretty knots and putting the different elements of the painting.

Once the knots and preparations made accessories, the next step is for the timber distribute with varying tastes, nail knot, place names, clean and remove the guide wire and carrying frame.
As you see it is not very complicated and like everything else, with a little taste may yield more or less "worthy".

Nailing knots and ropes (watch your fingers)

Once all the knots, we must put the name tags. For these, I used adhesive paper printed with the names of all knots, leaving plenty of space between each name, then are not the fingerprints

Withdrawal of the anchor elements guidewire ...

Final appearance of the finished painting ready for framing. As you see it is a simple picture, 45 x 30 with a bit of everything.

Framed knots board

Another model made in parallel with different motives naval

I hope you liked it and you find it useful.

Mar 15, 2013

Richmond California
I was going through the build logs and I came across this fine work of art, very nice Carlos. How long did it take you to do these two works?