Revell 1/72 scale pirate ship


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Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
I just acquired the Revell 1/72 scale pirate ship model, a rebox of the Zvezda Black Swan. Due to one major issue it pretty much can only be built as a model of one of the ships from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The issue is the location of the capstan around the base of the main mast. Otherwise the model resembles english and dutch warships of the mid 18th century. After seeing this model in person I really wish Revell or Zvezda would do a model of an actual warship of this era. I don't understand though, why they chose to mold the sails and yards as one piece. I am also curious as to whether anyone has built this model with the capstan moved to just aft of the mainmast. I have looked at completed models of this kit online and it is very impressive if built with skill.

When I start on the kit I will post progress images.