Saving your Work and Images


Staff member
Aug 21, 2011

Madison, MS
In the excitement of creating your first Build Log and brand new first ship project, there are a few things that you really need to slow down and take note of.

The very first thing that comes to mind is to SAVE YOUR IMAGES.
The foremost way of doing this is to start a good habit of creating folders on your PC and downloading (or transferring) your images from your camera to your PC, MAC, or iPAD - whichever is your favorite device. And do this every single time you take a picture of your project.
For instance, if you bought some new tools and you wish to take pictures of that to share with the rest of us, then create a FOLDER and name it "tools". Transfer all your "tool images" to that folder. Same with if you start on the hull. Create a folder and name it hull. Put all your hull images there. This way, you are organized.
I suspect (from emails and PM's that I sometimes get) that modelers are simply uploading their images straight from the camera to the forum and then worse, they are deleting those images from the camera as soon as they are finished. My friends, this will eventually have a drastic outcome. Please, save your images on your computer. Even if you are not the organizing type of person, just bulk save everything !!!

The second thing is to never link your images "from/to" another website, forum, or other sites such as flikr, photobucket, dropbox, and other sites such as these. If for some reason, those links become broken, guess what, so does the images on the SOS forum. They become broken too.
It is perfectly fine to save your images on outlets like these, but, please do not use links as SOS will never be able to back that up. Yes, our database performs daily backups, but it is NOT backing up your images from other links. It is only backing up your data and your uploaded images from your camera or pc to the forum. We all hate to see tons of images gone or missing and it does happen from time to time and it is a very unhappy feeling to inform those that did likewise.