Still can't get properly motivated to jump back into model building of any type.

Jun 30, 2012

Maybe it is because you have tied yourself to kits. Why not try something completely different such as a simple scratchbuild. The satisfaction of knowing you built it all yourself is very high. This is a little collier brig - cost virtually nothing to build!
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Feb 27, 2016

I have not touched my Mary Rose build for three months now as this time of year has been busy for me with four birthdays, garden projects, and moving my modelling space (again). However, I can't sit and do nothing in between times and have always liked the Viking style of carving so I got some small chisels and got started. This is my first piece -


The choice of wood was Pine, crappy grain but I was more interested in learning the techniques and working with and across the grain. Next, a piece of solid oak worktop -


Hard as Hell to carve, but new things learned. We needed a lift up handle on a box in the garden and She Who Must Be Obeyed declared it must be a rose (photographed in the rain), so -


First time using the gouges to get the shape of the petals. Current work in progress is a Keepsakes Box for the daughter-in-law as a birthday surprise, so back to the Viking scrollwork-


The text reads My Memories in Viking runes, the box is made from pallet wood. When this is finished I'm off fishing then back on the ship build in October with a fresh eye. I have enjoyed my foray into carving and have learned a few things; I think I will keep on with it, too.


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Aug 21, 2011

Madison, MS
It sounds like to be (as mentioned) that you are probably burned out a little. I went through this period also. Then it just led into general loss of interest in all things. This time period seemed to last several months. I had no interest in pursuing any thing. As it turned out, I mentioned this to my Doctor and he gave me some anti-depressant. It took about 3 weeks for the meds to work, and then it seemed that "naturally" my desire to do things starting coming back. Then I found myself looking through kits to see what I wanted to build and do. Depression comes in many ways. Simply, it can come in just a lost of basic interest. I know this is a lot of personal testimony, but it is what it is. I know that some people here subscribe to various Spiritual and Religious beliefs and this post is about you feeling better and getting motivated, but I have to mention (for me) that I have to take time to pray (and for me), I have to trust the Lord (God) to help me through dark times, and He does.
I highlighted (for me); as I wish to express my own personal faith and I realize that not all welcome that (and those are everyone's decisions to follow their will).
I will tell you that I am just like everyone here. I have struggles too, I get upset, (when the forum doesn't perform right) ;) plus a myriad of other things.
I can tell you that I am no where near a perfect person - far from it - we are not called to be perfect, but to trust in the "one' that is perfect. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. The point of my post is for encouragement - not discouragement. If you feel this post is not for you, I understand completely, if this post helps you then good !!!


I appreciate everyone’s suggestions for Bob D. I have felt the same as many that I have neglected or let myself down when I hit the wall, especially because I love to be in my shop most of the time. Sometimes just asking what the wife would like to have crafted/built around the house is a good motivator. I feel I’m accomplishing something of importance for someone.
At present I’m a little stuck on a build so I spent some well needed effort rearranging a couple work stations to help the flow of projects. I’m learning that having several projects in work is not a bad thing and am realizing, just fiddling with jigs and build techniques with scrap is enough to get the juices flowing again.
This last comment is totally my opinion, but I believe all are given certain gifts. Creators of art no matter the medium are driven and crave the activity of recreating or designing something new, improved or more functional. I believe it drives us a little crazy but we have to have the challenge. I don’t know if there is a good reason for what we do. I guess there is no need for a reason.
Bob, I hope you find and stay inspired to creat something, anything. But if you don’t, at this particular period. Remember, it’s perfectly ok!
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