Wood for making boats

Dec 8, 2019

Hello friends,

I didn't want to include this part of the construction process of Manfred's Victory in the Victory thread here on SoS, because it should only show the pictures of the finished process.

Manfred spent a long time looking for the best, if not perfect, wood for building boats. After years he believed he had found it in rosewood, that is the wood of the rose bush or rose tree. One day his son dug up a dead rose bush and asked his father if he could use the wood for model making. When he had still not looked at the wood after 3 years, his son threatened to throw it away. Then he finally took a look at the wood and found that it was the perfect wood.

VICTORY 2020 0245.JPG VICTORY 2020 0245a.jpg

Translation (text in the first picture): For a long time I was looking for the right wood to build the boats. It should look like oak in scale. After years of searching, I found it in a dead rose bush. The cross-section showed me the structure I had been looking for for so long.

VICTORY 2020 0245b.JPG VICTORY 2020 0245c.jpg

Translation (text in the third picture): The trunk is first divided in 4 parts (red lines) then you can saw the planks according to the scheme in the first quarter. In this way the planks get standing rings.

VICTORY 2020 0245d.jpg VICTORY 2020 0245e.jpg

Translation (picture on the right): In contrast to oak, the wood is very elastic and flexible. It can be bent easily without water and heat.

VICTORY 2020 0247.JPG

VICTORY 2020 0248.JPG VICTORY 2020 0249.JPG

Translation (above, pic on the left): I made the pinasse and the barque in 2 copies. 1) The keel is clamped here in the slipway. 2) The frames are partially inserted,

VICTORY 2020 0250.JPG VICTORY 2020 0251.JPG

VICTORY 2020 0252.JPG VICTORY 2020 0253.JPG VICTORY 2020 0254.JPG VICTORY 2020 0255.JPG VICTORY 2020 0256.JPG VICTORY 2020 0257.JPGVICTORY 2020 0258.JPG VICTORY 2020 0259.JPG

VICTORY 2020 0260.JPGVICTORY 2020 0261.JPG

VICTORY 2020 0262.JPG VICTORY 2020 0263.JPG

VICTORY 2020 0264.JPG VICTORY 2020 0265.JPG

Pictures of the finishing will follow

Greetings, Hartmut
Feb 15, 2019

As luck would have it I spoke to somebody yesterday might be able to supply overgrown rose cut offs!