ZHL Black Pearl 2019 top level edition

May 26, 2020

Woodgate Queensland Australia
What's the old saying - "learn from your mistakes" - well I'm certainly doing alot of "learning" :rolleyes:. Slowly coming together, I got a coat of epifanes wood finish matte on the hull and very impressed with the product. It's a little pricey at $72 USD for a litre or $40 for half litre but being from canada I had to get a litre thru amazon (half litre was only $5 cheaper) The up side is now that I have a litre I will have to build 50 more ships to use it all up ( my unique theory of justification LOL) The matte finish was exactly what I was looking for.
Will be starting masts soon and will put lower guns and finish jewelry on at the end of the project. As I am confined to a wheelchair and basically only have one fully functioning hand/arm I am going to have to do the rigging with the ship laying on its side and therefore don't want to break lower guns while doing masts and rigging. Not sure how far I will go with rigging or if I will put sails on, will have to see how it goes on the frustration meter:mad: Also ordered the le requin from max at ZHL on friday so that was probably a mistake ( just itchin to open up that box). Anyway Happy Easter to all and hope you are safe.

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I love the finish you achieved on the deck planking beautiful colour variation and texture.


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Dec 25, 2017

Vienna, Austria
Well this is my first build ( larger scale )and my first build log. I did build an AL chinese junk for a training/learning but didn't do a log on it. Thought I better start a log before I got to far along on the build. I will hopefully be able to update the log about once a week. I only get a couple hours a day at best to work on the ship.
Disclaimer: Any misaligned parts or flaws in build quality are strictly optical illusions produced by the camera :rolleyes:

These were my first builds, a china knock off black pearl kit ( abandoned due to lost parts in mail and poor quality) and an AL chinese junk starter/learning buildView attachment 123720

Decking is 1mmx3.8mm Indonesian Lumber, golden oak stain and damp cloth ebony stain (light wiped) to bring out grain and pre stain edges.
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I won't be putting in lights and left out the glass so this will be the extent of captains quarter details as sight line will only be through windows.
I cut decking to 100mm ( 16 feet scale ) planks for the captains quarters and will probably do the same for poop deck
The main deck plank end details are done with the dent and pencil technique ( or just plain laziness if truth be told LOL )
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First layer planking and water/start line of final planking ready. Really struggled with finish planking choice. I was going to do a light yellow and black theme but have
now decided to use the supplied walnut and see how that goes. I must say I'm not a fan of the 0.6 mm veneer planking wood, just doesn't feel like a plank to me and
doesn't seem to lay down flat as well as thicker wood. O well will just go with it and if I don't like it I may just paint it black at the end of the dayView attachment 123698
Hallo @sleepyfish
we wish you all the BEST and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Are you still working on your Black Pearl? Would be interesting to see your progress....