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    Book review The Statenjacht Utrecht 1746

    Hi all If you want to built the Statenjacht Utrecht 1746 from scratch, from a kit (Dusek kit) or want to built the interior of the kit Pegasus. These 2 books are a very helpful. I am noone to made a book review. So I will limit my comments to the books contents. The first one : The...
  2. flying_dutchman2

    Book review 17th century Dutch merchant ships

    17th century Dutch Merchant Ships Text, Photos and Plans for the Ship Modeler. By A. J. Hoving Plans by C. Emke Models by H. Tomesn Graphics by E. Hoving Publisher: SeaWatch Books, LLC Case Bound, Full Color, Dust Jacket Year: 2014 Large 8.5x11 format Pages: 152 and 24 sets of plans from 10...
  3. Uwek

    Book review Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age" by A. J. Hoving

    Book Review: Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age by A. J. (AB) Hoving Translated by Alan Lemmers Foreword by André Wegener Sleeswyk With an Appendix by Diederick Wildeman Gebundene Ausgabe: 310 Seiten Verlag: Texas A&M University Press; Auflage: New (15. April 2012)...