artesania latina

  1. Nomad

    Bluenose II Build (Artesania Latina) 1:75 by Nomad

    This is my very first ship modelling endeavour, or my first modelling endeavour of any nature really. I ordered the Bluenose II from Artesania Latina as a starting point and it already feels that I'm punching well above my weight. Nonetheless, I was encouraged by other build logs on this forum...
  2. L

    Titanic Lifeboat [COMPLETED BUILD}

    I have been building Artesania Latina Titanic Lifeboat 1/35 scale. Neat packing. Very quality laser cut parts.
  3. JDS73

    HMS Endeavour - Artesania Latina

    Hello I'm Dirk and I'm building the HMS Endeavour from Artesania Latina. This project I started in Ferbrary 2021 . I'm having alot of fun building this ship but there is one thing. The ship is an incomplete build. This model is less historical correct then other Endeavors form different brands...
  4. Matthias1231

    Scottish Maid, Aberdeen 1839, 1/50, Artesania Latina

    Hello! This is the build log for my Scottish Maid from Artesania Latina. This is my first wooden ship build. My intention was to someday build the (now discontinued) HMS Surprise in 1/48 from Artesania Latina so I figured buying a smaller model of the same brand that exposes me to planking and...
  5. B

    Build Log: Artesania Latina 1805 Swift Virginia Pilot Boat

    This is my first attempt at building a model ship and although I have a background in woodworking, the scale is a bit different! I’m very much a “newby” at this. So, have patience. This is a “build log” for the Artesania Latina 1805 Swift Virginia Pilot Boat. I picked this as it was...
  6. D

    Artesania Latina 'Sultan'. Arab dhow

  7. 6

    Al constellation

    So this is my second build, my first being a constructo golden hind. Now I have put that away for awhile but I do intend to fix it at some point, I made multiple mistakes with it, its fixable but I want to start a fresh one. I didnt square my bulkheads, also over faired them aswell and...
  8. M

    Endeavour's Longboat, Artesania Latina by MarkSH01

    Hello all, This is my first foray into the world of wood modelling, its been underway for a couple of weeks now so here is a quick photo catch-up. Learning a lot, pretty happy so far but I know that I have failed to taper the planks correctly at the bow and made things difficult for...
  9. Robert B


    Ok Here is my build log of the HM Endeavour heavily Bashed from an older Al Kit I am up to the completing the hull stage and do what I can when I can and sorry for the later pictures as Did not take any of the from and planking The hul second planking and made a mistake with the deck planking...
  10. Jeff T

    San Francisco II Cross Section - AL 1:50 by JeffT

    I have decided to put myself out there and do a build log. I have selected the Artesania Latina "San Francisco Cross Section" for my second wooden build. My reasons for this choice were: 1: The kit was available (many kits were sold out, I assume due to the number of people staying at home in...
  11. B

    King of Mississippi riverboat - Artesania Latina 1/80 Scale

    Here, on the fifth day, is the state of my new boat. Today I will finish glueing the starboard bulkhead and glue on the port bulkhead. I am using Elmer's white glue and sometimes a spot of cyano to hold the pieces in place. I never did that while building airplanes, because all materials...
  12. Rossc83

    Endeavour's Longboat - Artesania Latina

    Quite a nice kit for a cheap price. Fits nicely in my cabinet with Corel's Endeavour.
  13. F

    Belem from Artesania Latina - by Fish & Chip

    Hi, I just start my Belem Model from Artesania Latina. I purchased it in Canada at 300 $ CAD tax and shipping included. It is a bargain if I look elsewhere on the web. Let me first show you what is inside the box. Sorry, but I do not have so much pictures and I am beginner in showing this kinf...
  14. Patrick

    Hermione La Fayette

    Well the Covid has claimed another victum. My Job. Aug 26 was a normal Friday till I found out I was no longer employed. The "Admiral" as I discussed it and I just decided to retire. A couple years earlier than planned but it is what it is. The good news in I have lots of time for the...
  15. P

    Artesania Latina Support

    I just want to highlight what great service I received from Artesania Latina site. I requested from them on 2 separate occasions a parts list for an old kit La Toulannaise and copy of the plans due to accidently spilling liquid on the plans and making them unreadable. The company emailed both...
  16. SylvainBL

    Construction of the Hermione, Artesania Latina kit by Sylvain

    Hi JIm. Ok it is possible. My english is not very good, but the pics are better than my texts
  17. allricksstuff

    Kit-Bashing the King of the Mississippi Riverboat (7/21/20)

    Hi all, This kit is, Artesania Latina 1/80 Scale, King of the Mississippi. Going to start my build log today but please be forewarned, I'm going to take my time and it may be awhile between photos. At the age of 72 (Never ever thought I'd live this long.) with medical complications I don't...
  18. Stu Jessop

    Harvey (Artesania Latina Kit circa 1990's)

    Well first time for everything they say and that is certainly the case here. My uncle has built models for many years which have been the subject of some discussion and I finally decided to build my own. I recently picked up the AL Harvey 1847 kit on Ebay and it has essentially been left...
  19. B

    A/L Belem, a french training ship

    I have had a request to post some pictures of my current build of the "Belem" by A/L. I am not sure if this is the right place, so if please guide me. I started this build in December 2019 and have been fairly steady at it through the pandemic. Accordingly I have developed tendinitis says my...
  20. Rmazdra

    HMS Victory (1765) - Artesania Latina

    I purchased my AL kit of HMS Victory early in 2019 off of eBay. I paid $600 for it (which is about the average cost that I see). Overall, I am happy with the kit. I really like the beauty in the different variety of woods. My initial intention was to paint the entire model the battle colors at...