artesania latina

  1. Sid Barras

    Build Log Baltimore Clipper Ship "Harvey/1847" 1:50 scale

    Ahoy Gentlemen. I've decided to start posting the build log for the ship I'm building, the clipper ship "Harvey," a two-masted clipper ship. This is my very first build. As I'm now about 100-120 hours into the building of this ship, and around two months' time, I figured I better start posting...
  2. A

    Artesania Latina's San Francisco Cross-Section Completed Build

    Hello everyone. I want to share my build of the San Francisco Cross-Section kit from Artesania Latina. This kit took me about 6-7 months to build. It is a quite easy kit as the hull is very easy to make but the most difficult part were all the details. It was a fun kit to build with a very good...
  3. Fureston

    Initiation in this wonderful world - Artesania Latina - New Swift 1805

    Good afternoon! Thank you very much for letting me participate in the forum. My name is Pablo and I'm from Uruguay. I am 38 years old and I decided to enter this wonderful hobby. Buy the "New Swift 1805 of Latin crafts" and I arrive next week, as I am new I would like to give me some...