1. Sergey Pobozhy

    La Salamandre 1/250

    Hi to all. Looks like i'm still here))) For a very long time I thought, wondered and reflected on the scale. And finally I made step for next level (scratch build) and i decided that 1/250 (Naviga C4 class) is what I wanted for a long time, especially due to i'm a seamen and 7-8 months in a year...
  2. Uwek

    LONGBOAT for La Salamandre in 1:48 (CAF)

    After a longer period not working on my 1:48 La Salamandre (see link), I restarted the activities in the workshop with a small project in the project. Within the kit of the bomb ketch, two boats are...
  3. Uwek

    LA SALAMANDRE, bomb ketch - POF - (CAF-models, 1/48)

    Finally I got the kit some days ago, well packed and sent by Max at ZHL. It is the same kit our member ADC presented already in his building log, so I will add only some additional information. Also I want to show in the beginning some more photos of the content of the kit, due to the fact, that...
  4. A

    La Salamandre, 1752. CAFMODEL. 1/48 scale

    Recently bought the CAFMODEL La Salamandre bomb ketch 2.0 kit from Max at ZHL. Very expensive and ambitious kit perhaps as close as a kit gets to high end scratch build aesthetics and completeness of detail. I bought this because it closely follows the outstanding ANCRE Boudroit/Berti...