Bluenose Build Log

Jul 2, 2020

Eugene, Oregon
Although I am looking at this build a few years after it was done, the photos and commentary will greatly help me with what will be my second build and first one planking. Time is not a factor with me and I can take care to work as accurately as I can to not compound errors. As I have said previously and somehow a poor photo of the Constructo pilot boat, started in 1969 and drydocked for decades has to be finished first with my own added components for what I consider needed for an actual sailing schooner rig on the carved wood hull. . . good experience for some things like rigging and making stropped blocks, eyebolts, hooks, etc. . . but not in planking. Thanks for putting this up for me to follow in your wake, tacking when needed to not get luffed up. PT=2