1. Dean62

    YuanQing Bluenose POF - Dean

    I decided to make a placeholder for my build log. I will be finishing the Cazador soon and will start on the Bluenose immediately afterwards!
  2. PT-2

    YQ Bluenose POF by Rich (PT-2)

    Just to let the group know that I will eventually do more than post photos and information about the Bluenose I will cast off my hawsers and begin the voyage on the best tide and winds available. Presently here she is, after I sent my reception photos of the box and contents to Heinrich upon...
  3. D

    Bluenose build - DaveFx35

    Well I finally decided to do my first build log. Normally I would just lurk in the background and watch the great work by others. I've always been reluctant to expose my mistakes publicly, but since others have shown the courage to do so, here it goes. I started putting the jig together. I...
  4. D

    BLUENOSE - YuanQuing by Donn Farr

  5. marter1229

    Let’s get started BLUENOSE #3

  6. MM2CVS9

    YUANQING BLUENOSE _ E J - Eugene Schmidt

    Starting my build from the beginning - The ordering process was flawless. Just a PM to Heinrich on Dec 5, with a reply the same day. E mails in the meantime kept me up to date on progress. Payment was flawless. Was notified on the 18th that the paypal bill was ready. Paid bill the same day...
  7. D

    YUANQING BLUENOSE - Don Robinson

    Here is the start of my Bluenose build. Unlike others I cannot wait to start especially since I just started the HMS Ontario which will take months to complete. I have decided I will try and dedicate one day a week to the Bluenose and see how that works, at that rate I should always remain...
  8. Peter Voogt


    Although I do not intend to start the construction of the Bluenose immediately when I have the kit , I am already starting with this building report. Because the beginning of the kit starts at the factory and with his journey to my house. And that trip I came face to face through these messages...
  9. Brewbrarian

    Bluenose, 1921, Nova Scotia - 1:72 Scale - YuanQing

    Eric's Bluenose is in the post. :) She should be here just in time to ring in the New Year. Thanks, @Heinrich
  10. Heinrich


    With so much being said about the YuanQing Bluenose and with the tremendous response the kit has caused on SOS - and other forums - the time has come to start the actual building of the kit. I am not going to say anything more about the Kit Review - it available on the Bluenose Group Build and...
  11. Heinrich

    kit review BLUENOSE SCHOONER POF MODEL -1:72 – YuanQing Models

    Ever since YuanQing announced their model of the renowned Canadian Schooner - Bluenose on SOS, it has created considerable interest. As to the history of Bluenose, so much has been said and written that there is not much...
  12. PT-2


    I will attempt to leave the dock and start a log while probably tacking and luffing along the winding way as I find out how to create one. Last three show the difference between the lines from the plan on the keel and the bottom of the aft bulkheads (high). Then the plan lines at bulkheads C &...
  13. David Lester

    Bluenose - Model Shipways - by David Lester

    Good Morning, Here is the beginning of my build log for my Model Shipways Bluenose. I am finding some interesting things to consider for this model and a few decisions to be made with respect to its detailing. First- good references are hard to come by and it's not always easy to make out...
  14. RodneyB

    Canadian Bluenose Schooner - Build Log (Model Shipways)

    I'm new to model ship building and am starting with the Model Shipways Bluenose and am using Bob Hunt's practicum. Good thing too because the instructions with the kit assume I know a whole lot more than I do. Yesterday I wrapped up chapter one of the practicum. So now I have a rough hull ready...
  15. MikeMC

    Bluenose 1

    Just have to tie down one more sail touch up the paint and put some people on the ship took me 1 year and 7 months to complete it and a reminder build it with one hand I have cp
  16. Barry1

    Model Shipways Bluenose-3/16 Scale

    I have been working on and off on the Bluenose since December. Since many have posted pics of false keel, bulkhead and planking I am picking up this log as I just completed the hull planking. I am following the Bob Hunt practicum which has been very helpful so far. As I was applying wood filler...
  17. MikeMC

    Bluenose 1

    Here is where I'm at with the Bluenose 1 have rigging and sails left
  18. bikepunk

    Schooner Bluenose 1:48 plans by P.F. Eisnor, practium by Gene Bodnar

    Why I Chose the Bluenose My first introduction to the Bluenose was from Frank Mastini's book (Ship Modeling Simplified). To me, the ship had great lines and I really like the look of the rigging. In addition, having built 2 ships of war, and one currently being built, oddly I found myself...
  19. modlerbob

    Bluenose build log 1/64 Model Shipways

    This is one of the models I acquired from the estate of a fellow ship modeller here in central Florida. He had completed the hull planking and part of the deck planking. For some reason the original owner cut the top off all the bulwarks flush with the deck which doesn't appear to be called...
  20. M

    Bluenose Build Log

    I happen to have an archival copy of my original Bluenose build log from the old Lauck Street forum. Although I built this a few years ago, all the tips and techniques described in this log will still work on the current Bluenose kit from Model Expo along with Bob Hunt's excellent practicum. I...