Hello Piero,
Welcome, and good to see you here
A nice front view for the new year
Nice to follow your progress later


Hello Piero. A big welcome to you in the Build Log section. We are crazy about LOTS of pictures, so please start shooting away with your camera as soon as your kit arrives!
Hi Piero. Nice you started your build-log.
I will ad the link to the BN-list.
Hope the package will be delivered soon.
Then from me in Dutch:
Prettige Kerstdagen en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.
Gr. Peter
Hello Piero, Welcome aboard the Great SOS Form and also the YQ Bluenose Build Group. I have just barley started , My YQ Bluenose, a real fun build. I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Better and Happier New Year to come.
Regards Lawrence
Hello to everyone,

And finally she arrived! The FedEx guy rang the doorbell saying he was leaving a package outside. Luckily we are in a small town and we all know each other. If it had happened in Rome, in the time to go outside I would have found 10 of packages ...

Anyway, the package is intact and perfectly packaged. Inside, free to turn in the box, I found 7-8 small spheres of two different diameters. Everything is tightened very well so I don't know the reason for this freedom to do that. So I ask Heinrich for help to give them a ... home!

Now my excitement is such that my Master Chief Petty Office (she is the donor of the good for my Christmas) has decided to drink a Prosecco with some pretzels to greet the amazing arrival!

Only 7 days from China to my home ... Great job!