Bushnell’s Turtle. Revolutionary war submersible. 1:35 3D design and print

Why is there no camera setting for " make my model look as good as I thought it did"? Gah.
Because the camera knows about us, the members here of SOS...... your painting work is looking great
for me it is looking extremely realistic - I have the feeling, that you can even smell the grease, oil, sweat, and feel the high humidity inside of such an egg
Mr. Mousemuffins,
I must say that I usually don't go over plastic model forums but today I was a tad bored and decided to give it a whirl. I came across your build log and enjoyed every post. The attention to detail on this build and your extremely funny comments has had me eagerly going from one post to the next. I look forward to more build updates while sittting with anticipation at what you may say next.

First Full Kit all laid out!
Well, almost. There's one more print to go with the snorkels, top port hole, propellers and auger. oh. and some clear acrylic porthole windows.
Just have to get these instructions done and figure out a box.

Boxes, Stickers, Stencils! Oh My!
Getting there. Would be getting there faster, except my printer has thrown it's toys out of the pram and needs a replacement screen.
The screen is a consumable, and is expected to fail eventually, and I had been meaning to order a spare for just in cases. Only now it's not just in case.
Anyhoo, it's on the way. If Amazon can get it here by Friday, we are looking at an early next week release.
I should have approximately 18 kits available then.

My congratulations for finishing this amazing development and I cross all the fingers for the final release

A Plethora of Perfectly Printed Pumps Pertinent to our Purposes.


and again. only in an outrageous affected French accent.

Spare parts Arrived! eventually. Anyhoo, production back in full swing, and, if everything goes well, kits will be available on the weekend sometime.

Oh. Also Rope!

What a cool little kit. I love that it comes apart to show off the insides.

Nice rope ;)