Cad Assistance Please

Well. J L,
Corel seems like the best choice then. It is $629 USD. On sale now.
I need to investigate the program. Seems like very nice software.
I use Corel Paint Shop Ultimate for my graphic stuff.
Hey Donnie, Yup I enjoy Corel Paint Shop also. Just need more practice. I have been using Photoshop quite a bit to do the sizing of the drawings, however, it is becoming tedious for me. Probably because my patients is wearing thin. Ya know, getting old is a pain.
So $629, I'll see if I can talk the CFO into it.:D
OK, I am a novice in this area. I have scanned general plans of naval ships and saved them as jpg. Now which program, AutoDesk or Corel, will import the jpg's and allow me to scale them to my preferred scale. Also between the two, AutoDesk and Corel, which would be the best, in other words, the easiest?
Look at the subject TRACING with AutoCAD. I believe there are YouTube tutorials on this. You can trace and autotrace drawings into AutoCAD. I am not sure this is what you are looking for but may just fill the bill. Read a little about it too.
Ok. So it’s been many years since I investigated the cost of autocad. $1690 for a years subscription is pretty costly. No way I could afford that on a personal basis.
The company I work for paid a one time purchase cost of about $1400 for Turbocad Platinum and the program is not a yearly subscription. Sorry. I did not realize they have gone up in price that much.
I recently dropped my month-to-moth subscription to AutoCAD LT because I bought TurboCAD 2020. (Upgraded from ver 19). The subscription was only $55.00 monthly. They quit supportint the older version I had. The last full version of AutoCAD I bought was AutoCad for Window 2000. Which is not useable on Windows 10.
Yes , one of the hidden costs of renting a software program is the monthly payment. After a year or two of monthly payments you could have purchased the complete program, if they offer it. Which is the reason that I am now looking at Corel as the CAD program to use.
I had been working with Solidworks for 15 years. As I bought the software they asked AU$ 10000 for it. The same time the licence cost US$ 3000. As I asked about the huge gap, the answer was 'this is the way to do business in Australia'. The yearly 'maintenance cost AU$ 2000. I stopped paying this as I retired in 2015 so this is the latest version I have. I haven't used it for years now.
Janos, Holy Cow! That is a lot of money. I am not familiar with Solidworks, is that also a program for 3D use? Hope your New Years was enjoyable.
Yes, SW is a fully featured 3D CAD program, in pair with ProEngineer and the like. And fun to use!