Cutty Sark by Sergal

Oct 23, 2019

Some newbie questions. Doing a Billings CS, purchased in 1973 on honeymoon, but that is another story.
1.I am following Frank Mastini's general outline on rigging and getting everything affixed to masts. He points out that it is very difficult to attach an overlooked block once the masts are stepped, which makes infinite sense. What do I do about such things as braces and stays? Mastini makes no metion of them
2. How did you get the correct rake of the masts? Some sort of jig or fixture? given the offset in the mast due to three part construction, where did you measure toe the rake?
3. Did you glue the masts inside the hull or rely on the rigging to hold it in place?

I know I bit off more than I can chew with this model but I am having a good time with it. It has helped that we had two sailboats so many of the principles are the same.