Seahorse New Design "De Zeven Provincien" 1:100 (scratch)

Aug 26, 2020

Hi everyone.

Recently, I haven't had much time to continue building, so progress has been slow as well. Bakdek already has gretings, I set up the artillery amidships and tried on the boat, built similarly to Wodnik / Meerman, but larger (Meerman / Wodnik)
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After many attempts, I decided to make bas-reliefs in the simplest form, i.e. scratches glued on a thicker cardboard. Looking at the effect, it seems that all of them had to be stuck to 1.0 mm cardboard, because some of them are too "thin". The largest sculptures will be made of several parts (if I can design it), and as a last resort, I ordered a design prepared for 3D printing. Time will show which solution is the best. Currently, the stern looks like this.
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All comments will be appreciated

Niech teraz ktoś kręci nosem , "eee tam papier". "Czapki z głów panowie" . Zazdroszczę.
Pozdrawiam , Piotr Thumbsup

Now let someone turn their nose up at you, "what a paper". "Hats off, gentlemen." I envy you.
Greetings , Peter Thumbsup
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