initial Soleil royal using the heller 1/100 scale kit (post prepared in advance)

"Les saint-phillipe et les vaisseaux de 1er rang de Louis XIII à Louis XIV ", page 120, there's drawings of Berain soleil royal beakhead and quarter gallery and page 47, an interesting royal louis drawing showing moldings on its stern gunport, I wonder if the pattern wouldn't be repeated on the forecastle guns and iif it can be done on a initial SR. It's part of my inspiration for the fleur de lys on the stern side too. This weekend, I'll work on opening a quarter gallery and sanding the injection marks.
You will also notice that as in Vary's aquarelle of the ship ( which is Berain's design) there is no forecastle drawn.....
The lower horizontal molding below the stern gunport as on Tanneron's model is what was usually there ; however it is quite possible that some form of decor could have been there, I doubt that, but a carved molding would be well within the ships decoration scheme.....
To make one at the front of the forecastle in my eyes is a prefered option as long as it has common decor pettern as the rest of the ship;
so, having the same type of molding behind and up front is a good idea, as well as decorating the front façade the same way as the rest of the ship as long as it doesn'go to low in front; it should end at the two arched front exits.....
I noticed the inconcistencies in the Berain/Vary drawing while looking at it, reading your article and hubac thread. So the molding on both stern gunports and forecastle/front façade are good. Not sure I get what you mean on the 2 arched exist.
In the front panel of the ship which has four gun parts, the are also two entry/exits which have half-round tops....The deco should stop at that level...
I started my stern façade plan yesterday. I first do a rough one of the original part then next side, the modifyed part to have a guide and know where I must cut/scratch. I intend to use the modified one as a color guide too. I started opening the 2nd quarter gallery while watching the french show "C'est pas sorcier" on the Belem.

This one:
Thanks, yesterday, I got around the rough scheme of the basic heller façade and took pics of it for the details(I don't have hubac drawing skills). I'm done with other quarter gallery panels, I opened them while watching "c'est pas sorcier" on the french ship of the line, featuring the hermione under construction(tho some audio issues on sabine parts, the jamy one are good audio wise).




I'll base my stern façade windows on the "chambre des volontaires" drawing and I wonder how much I'll hae to change the stern/windows and where do I need to cut. Drawings for the "chambre d'amiral" before the refit exist or not? The one I see seem to be for the refit soleil royal.
so they somewhat reshaped the room and added the new quarter galleries on the refit one. No windows indication on the one pre 1689 tho, do bligated to use the "chambre des volontaires" drawing. For the doors, I think they're do-able in scratch using milliput.
It is also widened by about one foot and a half the new side closed galleries were 3 feet wide instead of the old constructions at 6 feet....
Okay, so this is something that I have been wondering about, lately. Apart from the decorated ceiling that was drawn and preserved, how does one distinguish, among these drawings, which are pre-refit and which are post-refit? The dimensional parameters are very hard to read in some of them.
You can ead the dimensions, and the interior divisions are not the same; both of those drawings are part of many articles about the Soleil Royal's stern. They also confirm some writings about the refit being lowered, and the rear straightened upwards .....If you look for a text describing exactly what was changed on the rebuilt version, you won't find one....
Funny how this drawing of a 1st rate ship has more than one version, one trying to pass it as a english ship somehow and notice how the colors always change too.


The source with a odd thing on the british navyée-à-la-main).html
Looking at this thread on a royal louis being turned in a "ponton", it give interesting scratch technics too