OcCre Mississippi 1:80 [Completed Build]

Jan 12, 2021

I built the Mississippi in the autumn and winter of 2020. The interior of the model is furnished, and as such the exterior of the model can be taken apart to view the interior. I also took the opportunity to open up all my old cans of paint, so there are is a vivid mix of colors in the interior :)

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Perhaps I should add here that I did not notice that the interior of the cabins was furnished, so I glued the ground-floor cabins together. Afterwards I broke them apart again. Also a warning to future builders: the bottom deck has a slight curvature in it, whereas the decks above it are straight. The walls of the cabin on the ground floor that can be taken out have to be able to 'slide' a bit, and because of the upward curvature at the bow, the space between the first two decks decreases. So make the wall that can be taken out a bit less high. It's quite annoying if you have to do this afterwards ;-)
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