G'day mate
Just brilliant. She looks so pristine with your painting of the ship and the last two photographs remind me that was how she was, on the night of 14th April 1912, just before the disaster.
Can't wait for your next build, to beat this one, it is going to be s beauty.
She is looking very good....good work, especially if you realy not be able to concentrate on the hobby....Hope, that everything went well
Hello fellows, , all in peace?
This is my first post

I will start another naval, with this is history until today, this will be my second titanic to be mounted, I made one for a client and this is mine, it will be lit by LEDs (not news because the other one I rode was also illuminated , when he turned 100 years of his sinking)
Many colleagues here have already set up this kit here, well this kit I have and the same one that was placed as Premium edition years ago, if I'm not mistaken 2012, the same year that I set up for the client that was also the Premium edition, only today the academy places the kit as MCP Multi Color Parts, only without the extras

The kit:

View attachment 37782View attachment 37784View attachment 37785View attachment 37787View attachment 37788View attachment 37789View attachment 37790View attachment 37791View attachment 37792View attachment 37793View attachment 37794View attachment 37795View attachment 37796
All in Peace - hope for you too?
We wish you all the BEST and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Hi! :)
Great build, very clean work. There are gaps, but again - you did great job. I`ll try to clean mine with some putty, black paint... I don`t know. For now I`m just collecting stuff for the build. :) In the last days I`m in searching for display case and for that reason, I need the high of the ship, without the stand. (red lines on the pic) Can you tell me please ?
Thank you in advance and best regards!