Sharing my build of the Cazador and San Fillipe

Ik was short on cannon ports from my ocre trinidad and they send me 30 for free and a nameplate. They have really good service. Great Job on your build.
Fatastic, and beautiful build, the CRAFTSMANSHIP IS SUPERB, as an aside I hate to contemplate rigging, just rigging and me do not go together very well and b7y the way the speed was terrific for this complex model, what is next for you. Don
Excellent Job, great fininsh / She is a Fun ship to build, with tricky rigging. Well done!. Try a square rigger next., But not to many guns! Snake is a great kit and yoy get to copper !
Thank you all for your comments. I did enjoy the build of the Cazador, although frustrating at times. I am now buildinf the San Fillipe ( from model space) subscriptions paid for by my wife as a present. Online instructions only available so difficult to reference to the whole build at any one time. Also need to have ipad or computer inorder to access the instructions of the build. The 30 packs now bought and the build is well on the way. So far seems to be going well.
Sorry that I did not see and follow your build. I finished my Cazador in Feruary and like you was helped by Paul and Jaime. This was my second build and I had similar issues. I am taking a break and building the Greek Bireme by Dusek. It is not as easy as I thought Will post log soon
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Mel R
Congratulations on a pretty model you can be very proud of, good luck with your next project San Fillipe, hope you make a log, greeting
Sorry that I did not see and follow your build. I finished my Cazador in Feruary and like you was helped by Paul and Jaime. This was my second build and I had similar issues. I am taking a break and building the Greek Bireme by Dusek. It is not as easy as I thought Will post log soon
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Mel R
Hi Thank you for your posting. Yes, Pauls build log on the Cazador was my saviour I feel. I did learn a great deal as I built the model and having build logs to refer to is really helpful. I am not sure I have the skills though to do an actual build log myself. Posting photographs of progress I think is more my level at the moment. I will be interested to see how your next build develops. Below are some photos of my build of the san Filipe. Just at the stage of inserting the deadeyes. The instructions are purely based on photographs with a short explanation of what to do. Seems simple enough but not always as easy as it appears. I I have had to adjust the suggested measurements on a number of occasions to make some parts fit better and with no overall full scale diagram of the model it is difficult at times to ensure that you have the parts in the right position. It is only later in the build that you know you have it right or you have to carefully remove the part and realign to be able to move forward. A bit frustrating at times but I am enjoying the build.

Excellent craftsmanship on the San Fillipe. I will be looking for more photos. I sympathize with your issues of dimensions and lack of illustrations. When I built the "Benjamin Latham" by Model Ship World,, I found many of similar issues. Good luck on your current build.
I will post more photos as I progress. Continuing will deadeyes at present. Find I can only do a few of the deadeyes each session I allocate to the build as they are quite fiddly. Once completed I will post again.
What is interesting is that from the photographs I have posted of the San Filipe I am seeing little imperfections of the build, something I am not seeing from the model direct. For example I notice one of the pillars on the fore deck is not inline with others. Also some other little imperfections that I will adress. The photographs have proved a point of reference not only to log progress but also as a quality check. More photographs I think for this process alone
After a while of not building due to illness, I have now restarted the build. Has taken a while to get back into this and it was difficult t remember where I had left it. Anyhow, deadeyes and chainwales now complete. Also a little colour added.

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The chainwales were tricky to install. I Did look at alternatives designs and certainly looking at different models of the San Fillipe chainwales did differ in their style. I decided to stay with the design set out by model space but In hindsight I should have chosen a different way. However, now complete and I move on to other deck and hull fittings.
Hi All I have had to stop the build of the San Filipe for the time being. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and up to this point it has been well managed with medication. During this past 6 years I have been able to build the cazador and part build the San Filipe . Lately I have found it difficult to hold small objects. I have dropped numerous small parts and end up hunting the work top and or the floor trying to find them. Also what I have been able to complete is not to the standard I would like. This has proved very frustrating and as a result I have tended to leave the build. I have not therefore really progressed much further than the chain-wales which was highlighted in my last post.

I am hoping that this situation is a temporary one and that the medication I am taking will begin to once again control the RA and allow me to continue with the build. I will follow threads and watch with interest others builds, but my postings reagrding my own build will cease for the time being. Kev