Sharing my build of the Cazador and San Fillipe

Hi All. After a long absence I have returned to the build of the San Filipe. RA now very much under control and I am now enjoying my return to building this model. Few photos to show where I am now at Kev





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Very good, that you are back working on your model - I am looking forward to see more often some progress
Have now completed the bowsprit, fore mast and main mast and their associated spars. I cleared all blocks of any debris by inserting a 0.8 drill bit through the hole of each. This should make it easier when inserting the lines at a later stage. I have used a diluted wood glue on all bindings to ensure lashings are secure (Dont want blocks detaching themselves at a later time). Have also commenced the first stages of anchors, the next part of the build.


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One of the small stern decorations came away for some reason and has never been seen again. Tried to get a replacement but to no reply from customer services...must be a covid thing. Hence have tried to make my own replacement. Took off another decoration from the stern, used a modelling putty with hardener and pushed the decoration into it. When dry filled the mould with plaster of Paris and left to dry. When dry removed from the mould and surprised at the result. Just paint it now to get same colour as other decorations.


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Very good results! You are at the beginning of fabricating parts by yourself! It is the right step to scratch builds, for sure!