Yet another Canoe [COMPLETED BUILD]

Mar 23, 2018

Ontario Canada
Yet another canoe completed. This time a Sunnyside Cruiser canoe developed by Walter Dean in 1910 for use in the Lake Ontario waters off Sunnyside Beach, Toronto. It was a fast efficient cruiser that often doubles as a 'girling' canoe. It was so popular that it soon accounted for 90 percent of Dean’s business.

Long before there were movie theatres, roller rinks or drive-ins teenagers courted in canoes. During the early 1900s young men would take their best girl canoeing for romance and the opportunity to spend some quality time away from parents and chaperones. Courting canoes were designed for afternoons and evenings of stylish leisure and affairs of the heart. These canoes were most often designed for visual appeal rather than transport of goods and may be painted in unique colours or have elaborate stencil patterns on their sides. Most young men would accessorize their canoe to provide the utmost comfort for their special guest. Canoes were outfitted with pillows, picnicking supplies, lanterns and parasols. Some canoes were even customized with phonographs – providing a soundtrack for the perfect date night out. In 1903, in addition to banning drinking and gambling; kissing was outlawed in canoes, punishable by a $20 fine. A contemporary newspaper of the time noted that, "At that rate it is estimated that over a million dollars' worth of kisses are exchanged at that popular canoeing resort every fine Saturday night and Sunday.

Enough history the model is constructed of cherry wood with basswood accent detail; decks are mahogany


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Kurt Konrath
Feb 11, 2020

Oklahoma City OK
Great canoe and dating history for your area.

I remember seeing couples in canoes and small row boats in the "Old Movies"

Nice looking canoe.
Feb 18, 2019

Pubnico, Nova Scotia, Canada
We rarely see models of those.
The more fancy courting canoe was sometimes fitted with a centre cabinet installed between the seats. It would be used for picnic items and could be quite elaborate with a built-in phonograph for entertainment. Cruising with music playing while riding on the weekend was invented back then.

Well done!
Nice "Courting canoe".

It looks similar to one I did a while ago.

Canoe #003 courting c copy a.jpg

Canoe #003 courting d copy a.jpg

Canoe #003 courting e copy a.jpg