1. M

    Xebec. An Amati model by Mike Dowling

    Greetings fellow masochists!! This is my first build log on this forum. I had been using another site but it was all getting a bit prissy and perfectionist for me so I thought I would give this one a try. I have made a lot of models now so I won't list them all on a completed page. Suffice to...

    HMS PEGASUS (1776) - Amati - Scale 1:64

    KIT: HMS PEGASUS (1776) Manufacturer: Amati (Italy) Scale: 1:64 (800 мм/31,5") ⚓️Official store:
  3. Michiel de Ruyter

    Medieval Spanish Coca - AMATI 1:60

    Medieval Spanish Coca - AMATI 1:60 Greetings to all the shipbuilders in this forum. October 2019 I decided to do another attempt in shipbuilding (the first was the Golden Star when I was a boy) and I chose the AMATI's Coca, because: 1) she's very nice and 2) she seems easy (but I realized it...
  4. M

    Fifie - Scottish Fishing Boat POB by Amati

    "FIFIE" just docked after 8 days from Turin to regional Victoria. When it is taking a week to get a letter across Australia I reckon DHL are absolutely amazing and the freight charge was only 25 euros. Opened the box, plans look good, instruction book looks good as well. The wood needs comment...
  5. ADoyon

    HMS Vanguard 1787 1:72 scale by ADoyon - First Build

    First Build: Amati HMS Vanguard 1787, 1:72 scale. I appreciate the opportunity to share my first build with the SOS community. I have very limited experience with wood ship modeling and hope to receive valuable advice from members. So, all tips and comments are welcome. A little background about...
  6. TechTrek

    Victory Models HMS Fly 1/64 Diorama by TechTrek

    Oh Happy Day!!! I am finally starting to put in place the pieces to begin this adventure in ship building and honouring my family history. I have mentioned in other logs that I was planning on doing a build based on a family historical event. As most historical events passed on through the...
  7. Ken

    Amati Riva Aquarama by Ken [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello. I am going to build the Amati Riva, Aquarama, an Italian runabout. Although it can be built for radio control I will be making it a static display model and will mostly just show my progress rather than do a very of detailed log of the build. I’m just putting the final touches to my...
  8. Tangopapa

    Lady Nelson - Amati 1:64 by Tangopapa - First time PoB Project [COMPLETED BUILD]

    It was suggested that I do a build log since I am just starting out, so despite a deep dislike of making public mistakes, I will do so in the spirit suggested. It will make me a better person (more humble anyway). I started this week on the model after studying the video tutorials recommended...
  9. STGCS

    HMS Pegasus - by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Well I think I'm ready to tackle something a little more complicated. I haven't seen a Pegasus build log posted for a while so I will start one. Bought the kit as well as Bob Hunts practicum so ready to start. First thing I noticed when the kit arrived was the weight, maybe 5 pounds or more. I...
  10. J

    Chinese Pirate Junk (Amati; 1:100) - 2nd Build

    20200911 Yesterday went to visit the local hobby shop without any clear intention to purchase a new kit but if I saw one I just couldn’t pass up… Came away with the Amati Chinese Pirate Junk. POB so my first planking kit. Opened the box when I got home, perused the drawings and instructions...
  11. ItsMatty123

    La Nina 1:65 - Amati

    Hi All, I would like to show you my new build I have very recently started. My first build was the Swift 1805 by Artesania Latina, and I decided to try a different manufacturer as I wasn't too thrilled with the instructions that were provided on my first build and i struggled with quite a few...
  12. Iterum

    LE COUREUR 1776 - Amati 1:75

    Hello friends of the shipmodel! Due to illness I have to drove back and more slowly. So I renewed my first non pure plastic kit of the COUREUR by Amati. I tortured this kit 25 years ago and lost it an increcibly unlucky accident on a removal - when a shelf fall on the model in its card box...
  13. Daniel20

    HMS Fly - Amati 1:64 - by Daniel20 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I finally received my HMS Fly yesterday and after much review am excited to share this build log with everyone. These first 4 photos represent punch out, dry fit, sanding in various locations to get a comfortable fit, and finally glue up. Had it not been for information from this group as well...
  14. D

    Lady Nelson - Amati 1:64

    This will be my build log for the Lady Nelson. My plan is to finish in short time as it is going to be a gift so hopefully I don't burn out and I do get it done on time. There will be some bashing done, mainly changing some of the kit wood to try and avoid some of the painting. I started this...
  15. Captgino

    Viking Drakkar by Captgino

  16. STGCS

    Viking Longship "Drakkar" by Amati

    My wife being Scandinavian, I decided to do a Viking Longship as my next project. Problems have already arisen. First, the keel was warped so after glueing in the ribs, I added some stiffeners between each of them. Then I put in some reverse bend and left it in the jig for a day. Thankfully most...
  17. danielsje

    Victory Models Kit Revenge 1577 Race Built Galleon scale 1/64

    I have not posted a build log for some time so I thought it was time. I have started the Victory Models Kit Revenge 1577. It is a classic Race Built Galleon Warship of the Elizabethan Navy. I started the model six months back and set it aside to build a smaller model for my Granddaughter...
  18. Snowy

    Viking Ship Drakkar - Amati 1:50 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi all thought I would do something a little different while I'm waiting for the glue to dry on the vanguard I just started by dry fitting all frames and deck before I start and to mark the hull lines .now I've just glued the 2 ends .This should be interesting Cheers snowy
  19. K

    Kit review Victory's (Amati) Pegasus 1:64 kit. Part 2

    A review of the Swan-class sloop model, Pegasus, designed by Chris Watton and produced by Amati under their Victory brand. Part 2. The Rest. There are six reels of black thread, seven reels of natural and four hanks, one black and three natural, including anchor hawse rope. None of the...