1. M

    HMS Revenge 1577 by Amati , Victory Models

    looking forward to this challenge
  2. M

    H.M.S. Granado Victory Models (late stages)

    Hi All. Decided to post my build of H.M.S. Granado by Victory Models. The kit was purchased many years ago and gathered dust at different stages of construction. The main reasons for these delays were the instructions and the lack of building logs for this specific kit. This is my first ship...
  3. pope


    Well, here are a few photos of my last build. This is the battleship Bismarck (Kriegsmarine), at 1:200 scale. I will gradually post more photos. I hope you like it! Un abrazo a todos desde Granada, España.:cool:
  4. Short John Bronze

    Santa Maria by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Unboxing Having just completed the Amati Nina there were no surprises here: a box of good quality materials and fittings. Many of these looked very familiar from my previous build: the windlass, ship's boat, door frames etc. It appears that Columbus bought a job lot when kitting out his fleet. I...
  5. Mike The Modeller

    Endeavour - J Class - 1934 America’s Cup challenger - Amati 1:80 scale

    Hi - kicking off my build log with a first tentative post - I’m going to need to catch up on posts here as I’ve nearly completed the mast and boom (just final coat of paint needed) and have made a tentative start on the first hull planking. Never built a wooden ship model before and really...
  6. Short John Bronze

    Nina by Amati

    Why? I am fast running out of shelf space! Large, square-rigged models (e.g. Vasa) have such long main yards that they require a shelf so deep that they could share it with a 1950s television set. My first thought was to go for a fore-and-aft rig ship but could not find one that took my fancy...
  7. Jcob

    H.M.S. Fly by Amati 1:65 - Build log by Jcob

    Hello all, I got this HMS Fly kit in the mail a couple days ago. I started looking around after references and found plenty of good build logs on this and other forums as well as some books and original plans that will all be helpful for this build. Some interesting info I found from the first...
  8. Winter

    HMS Vanguard - Amati - scale 1:72 - Foto
  9. ShipmodelIdeas

    Santa Maria 1:65 based on Amati kit

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my progress on the Santa Maria 1:65 ship model that I've been building for a few months now. Initially, I started with an Amati kit, thinking it would be an "easytobuild" straightforward project lasting only a couple of months. However, after obtaining books by...
  10. itwbluey

    Nina approaching launch…

    Few photos of La Niña by Amati, with her sister La Pinta in the slipway…..
  11. Buffalo Jack

    Sail installation of a HMS Pegasus 1/64 Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I am almost finished with the standing and I intend to in stall some furled sails on yards and fore stays. Where can I find some instructions how and when to apply them . This is the Pegasus 1/64 Amati kit with no sail plans. Any suggestions. Jack D
  12. J

    Xebec. An Amati model

    Hello! I'm new to this Forum and to wooden ship modeling. I once (many years ago) built cars and ships plastic kits, in between which the Passat tall ship from Heller. Now I decided to turn to modeling and to try wood kits. It happens that my firs kit is this Xebec from Amati. That is how I...
  13. H

    The building of AMATI's HMS FLY [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello Everybody, I'm since +- 2 weeks member and in this context I would like to actively participate in the group. Yesterday, I received the kit and the upgrade kit. It is my intention to honestly write my experience and activities, and will post on a regular base photo's and comments. I...
  14. M

    Riva Aquarama 1970 by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Great kit.I admit to being an Amati fan based on previous builds but the quality of the laser cutouts etc in this kit is really good.
  15. STGCS

    Build log: HMS Fly [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I posted a sail rigging question in the General topics/help section of SOS for my HMS Fly build. I have decided to add a build log to cover the sail installation. The bowsprit will be the first set of sails and will be furled. I didn’t do a complete build log for H.M.S. Fly because I posted...
  16. Chestcutter

    HMS Vanguard 1787 1:72 a Victory Models kit

    Starting my build of HMS Vanguard. I am impressed by the quality of other modelers on SOS, and hope I can come close to a similar outcome. Posting my build images is a bit anxiety provoking, as I hate imperfection, but rarely make things perfect. I welcome all comments and suggestions. Thanks...
  17. peter6172


    Well its time for a new build now that ENDEAVOUR is ostensibly complete. My next choice of kit still had to have an Australian flavour so I chose the BOUNTY. Choosing which BOUNTY to buld came down to what I could afford and what was available. I considered the Artesania version but was not...
  18. Paul L

    The Mayflower by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I just joined SOS so as far as the Mayflower goes I have her almost complete, you can see the full build so far here:- A couple of points to note if anyone is thinking of building this one, there are some errors on the plans, like some part...
  19. Robertd

    HMS Fly (Amati) 1:64 Robertd [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Received the Fly yesterday and at the moment looking at the plans and bits and pieces , this will be a lengthy project and looking forward to this project , it doesn’t come with a base and pedestals so will have to order them separately ASAP, also I follow my partner in crime Nomad (LOL) closely...
  20. Nomad

    HMS Fly Build (Amati) 1:64 by Nomad

    With my first build Bluenose II under the belt I thought I'd go for broke and have a crack at Amati's HMS Fly, a 1:64 scale model of the sixth-rate Swan Class ship rigged sloop that was originally built in 1776. It is a magnificent looking ship and it was a picture of the HMS Fly that drew me...