1. Chestcutter

    HMS Vanguard 1787 1:72 a Victory Models kit

    Starting my build of HMS Vanguard. I am impressed by the quality of other modelers on SOS, and hope I can come close to a similar outcome. Posting my build images is a bit anxiety provoking, as I hate imperfection, but rarely make things perfect. I welcome all comments and suggestions. Thanks...
  2. peter6172


    Well its time for a new build now that ENDEAVOUR is ostensibly complete. My next choice of kit still had to have an Australian flavour so I chose the BOUNTY. Choosing which BOUNTY to buld came down to what I could afford and what was available. I considered the Artesania version but was not...
  3. Paul L

    The Mayflower by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I just joined SOS so as far as the Mayflower goes I have her almost complete, you can see the full build so far here:- A couple of points to note if anyone is thinking of building this one, there are some errors on the plans, like some part...
  4. Robertd

    HMS Fly (Amati) 1:64 Robertd

    Received the Fly yesterday and at the moment looking at the plans and bits and pieces , this will be a lengthy project and looking forward to this project , it doesn’t come with a base and pedestals so will have to order them separately ASAP, also I follow my partner in crime Nomad (LOL) closely...
  5. Nomad

    HMS Fly Build (Amati) 1:64 by Nomad

    With my first build Bluenose II under the belt I thought I'd go for broke and have a crack at Amati's HMS Fly, a 1:64 scale model of the sixth-rate Swan Class ship rigged sloop that was originally built in 1776. It is a magnificent looking ship and it was a picture of the HMS Fly that drew me...
  6. Robertd

    HM Cutter Lady Nelson scale 1:64-Victory (Amati) Models [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Had to wait a couple of months for my next project , the Lady Nelson , she is tiny in comparison to the ‘Cutty Sark ‘ I recently finished . just dry fit the bulkheads and false deck just to see what it looks like , so I will post more pictures with the build progress
  7. Leroyd

    Build log USS Arrow by Amati

    Directions are in Italian, though kit includes an English 2 page help.
  8. lakedaisy

    Pinta Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Wasn't sure I wanted to start a build, but reading others posts its seems like a good idea. Not sure I can keep it going, but will try. I haven't built a POB since 1984. I'm now 74 and it getting a little hard to see details. I do have a good magnifying headset with light that really helpsl...
  9. Jack Sparrow

    Amati Bismarck 1:200

    Well here we go, my first build log. This is going to be a multiyear project as I am very slow at these things. I will not put together an unboxing video as there is already one on Youtube: I was thinking I would show a couple of pictures to start with. The first pic shows a sample of the...
  10. S

    Revenge 1577 1/64 Victory Models/Amati

    So I was hoping to start building one of my POF kits from CAF but I have a couple models that I have already started and I know I should really work on them before starting another one :( I also have the Yuanqing Bluenose in work so I guess I need to work on my discipline and finish something...
  11. DPTrainer

    Amati Riva Aquarama for use on water.

    I have followed Ken (Complete Build) blog which is excellent and been a big help to me. Ken's build was for a static display model and I'm building the same kit but for use on water. The instruction manual is bias towards a display model so having followed the instructions implicitly and Kens...
  12. The Sailor

    ENDEAVOUR - Amati 1/80 scale

    Another further kit finished in the middle of the pandemic time during the Italian lockdown: Amati's Endeavor 1/80 scale. Piero
  13. rawen

    H. M. Bomb Vesel Granado (Victory Models) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello! I have started this build in the summer 2007... Radek
  14. OlegM

    Inglorious adventures of my Pegasus [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Just wanted to share a small story of my first model - Amati's Pegasus kit. Being my first one, I assembled it pretty much to the kit's instructions without much changes or improvements. Just replaced the ugly casted lifeboat with two bought and assembled separately. Here are some photos, as you...
  15. M

    Xebec. An Amati model by Mike Dowling [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Greetings fellow masochists!! This is my first build log on this forum. I had been using another site but it was all getting a bit prissy and perfectionist for me so I thought I would give this one a try. I have made a lot of models now so I won't list them all on a completed page. Suffice to...
  16. I

    Pinta, on a friend's birthday [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Caravel, ships of Columbus, Pinta, 1410, 1:65 On the eightieth anniversary of my friend and my playing coach Harry, I want to make a small gift. I hope a month will be enough for work. And so we started... Каравелла, корабли Колумба, Пинта, 1410 год, 1:65 На восьмидесятилетие моего друга и...

    HMS PEGASUS (1776) - Amati - Scale 1:64

    KIT: HMS PEGASUS (1776) Manufacturer: Amati (Italy) Scale: 1:64 (800 мм/31,5") ⚓️Official store:
  18. C

    HMS Fly 1:64 - Amati/Victory Models by CaptainsCabin

    Cabin Furniture In my, HMS Fly build I have incorporated the Great Cabin, Stateroom, and Coach Cabin, and into each of these cabins I have constructed 1:64 scale furniture using acetate film, and a combination of Paint Shop Pro graphic design and origami with a plastic film. A sharp craft...
  19. Antonio Lucenti

    H.M.S. Vanguard 1787 - Amati - 1:72 scale by ALucenti

    Hello everybody. A few days ago I finally started building my model. I ordered the Vanguard Amati-Victory kit from my trusted dealer and after two weeks it arrived. Initially I found the kit very expensive but now, that I have seen the contents of the box, I think it is right. The wooden boards...
  20. Michiel de Ruyter

    Medieval Spanish Coca - AMATI 1:60 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Medieval Spanish Coca - AMATI 1:60 Greetings to all the shipbuilders in this forum. October 2019 I decided to do another attempt in shipbuilding (the first was the Golden Star when I was a boy) and I chose the AMATI's Coca, because: 1) she's very nice and 2) she seems easy (but I realized it...