1. Ancientmodeller

    Endurance (1912)

    Having received the OcCre kit of Shackleton's Endurance for Christmas I am keen to get started and wish to document my progress. I am aware of the excellent build logs of this kit already on this site and hope you don't mind putting up with another. I won't do a box opening or "what's in the...
  2. Bill-R

    Shackleton's Endurance - Occre - By Bill-R

    Hello everyone, While I am getting ready for my first scratch build of the L'Amarante, I would like to start a build thread of the Endurance that I am building. I have admired Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition for a long time. What he and his men were able to endure was truly amazing...
  3. Barcomad

    Endurance 2nd build

    And so it begins... I finally completed the Candelaria. Very proud that I found the patience and determination to finish it. Not proud of the detail and mistakes made through lack of experience but looking forward to doing better this time. I have started this log in the hope that you guys can...


    This is my third build and hopefully will be better then my others.I think I learned a lot from the first 2 builds so am trying one with more challenge as always any suggestions or if you see a mistake please comment.Some pictures.
  5. Jeff T

    Endurance - OcCre - 1:70 - Jeff T [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi all. I have started my next project (actually I started a few weeks age, but am just now starting a build log). I have selected the Endurance by OcCre. I chose this kit for a few reasons. 1. Reasonably priced 2. I wanted to try an OcCre kit 3. It is a historical exploration ship that will be...
  6. Bill Hime

    Build Log: Endurance - Occre - by Bill Hime

    This is the first ship I'm actually going to finish! There's been multiple attempts to start builds in the past. They never came to fruition. But now life has provided the time - So here we go, I'm really excited about this ship. I read the story in Nat'l Geographic when I was a kid. After...
  7. STGCS


    My son is a big fan of the Shackelton expedition and he wanted a model of Endurance so that will be my next build. This is my first OcCre kit and so far i'm impressed. All the frame pieces fit well and only a little adjustment was needed. I applied sanding sealer, then sanded, and airbrushed the...