1. Norway


    With a little help from UWE's friend Didier Berti, I bought this monograph. 108 EURO / 118USD. I chose scale 1-24, the same as Karl @Jeronimo built his model in. 1-24 Rigged Without Rig Height: 50 11 Length...
  2. Yuri

    ZHL Chalupa 1834 (my 1st model)

    Hello, so my first ship model is going to be built (i hope) from the kit was given to me, here is link: "Chalupa 1834 L 14 Inch 360 Mm Wooden Ship Model Kits". From the first look, some parts don't fit and plywood used for ribs splits a part. Not easy to bend plywood planks, they split too...
  3. Raven89

    Longboat of "Le Requin" - ZHL kit - 1/48

    Good morning all, To introduce myself quickly, my name is Jerome and I live in France, a hundred kilometers south of Paris. I did a few ship models a few (many...) years ago : an Albatros of Mantua and a Greek galley of XIX century produced by Amati. I take the hobby to change the ideas of a...
  4. Uwek

    LONGBOAT for La Salamandre in 1:48 (CAF)

    After a longer period not working on my 1:48 La Salamandre (see link), I restarted the activities in the workshop with a small project in the project. https://shipsofscale.com/sosforums/threads/la-salamandre-bomb-ketch-pof-caf-models-1-48.1739/ Within the kit of the bomb ketch, two boats are...
  5. Gventura

    Armed Longboat - Model Shipways 1/24

    Hello all, this is my first build log and my first wood model. I've collected a few wood kits over the years but have always worked with plastic, decided to finally take the plunge a couple months ago and get started. The kit I decided to start with is the Model Shipways Armed Longboat. I'm...