1. J

    Mayflower Build (1st time wooden model builder)

    OK, now that I have some time I'll start a build log. As mentioned in my intro I picked up Corel Line's pre-cut hull Mayflower model. Probably just my speed as don't think I'm yet ready for planking a hull. We'll see how this one goes before I think about what may be next. So the pics...
  2. Barry1

    Mayflower - Model Shipways- 5/32 scale

    I will restart the Mayflower build log. Looks like the prior log was lost in the server problem. I will post some of the thoughts from my first post but not sure I will recapture them all. After reviewing the plans and instructions for the Mayflower I found them to be clear and well written...
  3. W

    Artisania Latina's Mayflower

    I have always been curious about the kits I would see in hobby stores, but with miniature painting and archery and a wife, great danes, and home to care for, I resisted the urge until now, as I approach my 60's. I chanced upon an acquaintance who owned the kit but never attempted it, and bought...
  4. C

    Amati Mayflower

    New Member to this site, have been building amati Mayflower, this is how i have got so far. My first build ever was the Amati Bluenose did not turn out to bad so attempted Mayflower. how do I add text to photos?
  5. eric67

    Mayflower ModelShipways MS2020

    The Mayflower was an English ship that famously transported the first English Puritans, known today as the Pilgrims, from Plymouth, England to the New World in 1620. There were 102** passengers, and the crew is estimated to have been about 30, but the exact number is unknown. This voyage has...
  6. L

    Chinese Mayflower POF Kit

    Group, I've been working on a Chinese kit I purchased on eBay that is true POF of the Mayflower. It uses sister framing rather than the single futtock framing shown in the drawings in the book Mayflower II, but is still a fun build and results in a very nice looking model. The kit does not...