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  1. Modelship Dockyard

    New design POF HMS Blandford 1720 in scale 1:48 by Modelship Dockyard

    Hi folks, It’s Model shipyard here again. My last thread for “Le cygne” was just like few days ago, how time flies LOL(well just in case you don’t know, i did just post that thread few days ago, just a joke, avaliable...

    New kit Ship model kit Belle Poule is ready for order

    Hello my dear SOS friends, The Scale Ship Model - Belle Poule 1780 is now ready for order. Learn more about the kit —— prototype building, designing, parts & accessories, finished images
  3. S

    New kit Vanguard HMS Sphinx 1775 1/64 scale

    Wow! Check out this prototype of Chris Watton’s latest offering, planked with pear, pear fittings etc, looks beautiful but I think maybe a bit pricy - trying to decide if it’s in my budget.... beautiful model though- and this doesn’t even have all the photo etch goodies and armament, little bit...
  4. zoly99sask

    New kit New Vasa kit from Artesania Latina


    Sail & Sail Model - New Kit Belle Poule 1780 - 1:72 scale by Sail and Sail

    I've been working on this model for a while. La Belle Poule in scale 1/72 shows a lovely size. This model is designed in a new way. I split the hull into two parts: Traditional Lower Hull and Pear Wood Upper Hull. The Upper Hull is capable to show the structure of the ship. The Lower Hull is...
  6. Sam Chan

    New design 1/160 HMS ENTERPRISE 1774 Stern section

    Unicorn models recently released a new model kit they are developing. 1/160 HMS ENTERPRISE 1774 Stern section The pictures below is the first verification effect. Length 78mm Width 63mm Height 70mm W
  7. Falconet-mfg

    New kit Imperial Yacht "Uvalen" 1:48 scale

    Hello! Our laste ralise IMPERIAL YACHT "UVALEN" SCALE 1:48 This small two masted yacht was built in 1862 for the nine-year old Prince Nikolai, the eldest son of the Russian tsar Alexander II. Drawings of this vessel, which belonged to a type of pilot boats and had overall length (LOA) of only...
  8. CAFmodel

    Caf Model - New Kit CAF Granado 1/48 Coming soon Le coreur is done and we're starting a new project Our mortar ship La salamandre is temporarily unavailable for sale due to copyright issues, so we are ready to start a new mortar ship. I started to design this kit in 2013, but his ribs were...
  9. CAFmodel

    Caf Model - New Kit 1/48 Le Coureur 1776

    I haven't been online for a long time. I've been making coureur recently. The latest design, the latest slipway.I hope you like it It is expected to be available in July and August, Price: 342,
  10. CAFmodel

    New kit CAF-Le Coureur 1/48

  11. Paulus

    Halcon 1840 1/100 scale

    Hi all. I am a 51 year old guy who has ALWAYS wabted to start on a ship and finally I have bought my first boat. I recently bought a model from AlliExpress (bought the Halcon 1840 1/100 scale model) and this will be my first time building a ship (I am still waiting for delivery). I I am...
  12. Sam Chan

    Trident Model - New Kit HMS Alert 1777 1:48 Plank on frame by Trident Models

    1/48 HMS Alert. The new kits from a Chinese Model company.