1. Mike41

    Russian schooner Izmael 1773 1:64

    This will be my build log for the Izmael. I wanted to add a small schooner to my collection, and I like the look of the Ismael. The original drawings are in Russian, but I just use the drawings anyway. History: The Izmael was built by M.I. Ryabinin at the Black Sea Shipyard located...
  2. maltbyguy

    Caldercraft H.M.Schooner Pickle [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi everyone I have been a member for many years but so far I haven't posted a build log I have built several models from Caldercraft Model Shipways and Trumpeter So I thought it was time that I contributed Here is my build of H.M. Pickle I haven't documented every part but just a few major...
  3. tossedman

    Topsail schooner Julia - with a digital twist.

    I really have no idea what I'm doing as I've never built a model ship before but I stumbled across Robert Wilson's website and purchased his topsail schooner Julia booklet and thought I'd give it a go. I drew up the deck in Adobe Illustrator and cut it out using a laser cutter. Then I saw Robert...
  4. GearAdrift

    Schooner La Belle Poule (1932) - Dusek Ship Kits 1:50

    La Belle Poule is a French Navy schooner in service as a training vessel, and the fourth ship of that name in the French Navy. She was built in 1932 as a replica of a cod fishing vessel used off Iceland, as a training ship of the students of the École navale. During the Second World War, Belle...
  5. shota70

    the Colonial Schooner Hannah in 1/48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello my dear friends :):) I am delighted to open a new log to document the ship building process. Many of you are familiar with The Hannah & The Practicum by Robert E. Hunt. some of you have even built as documented on the site. I have been asking for several years to develop and advance...
  6. Kortes

    “La Jacinthe” Schooner France -1:42 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Dear Colleagues, please let me present my first model made from the ground-up – the model of French military schooner «La Jacinthe». From the drafts of the monography Jean Boudriot. I used pear tree and painted hornbeam. Scale 1:42 Technical characteristics of the model: length 895 mm, width...
  7. Gventura

    Hannah 1/48 - Lumberyard

    This has been updated! Hello all! This is going to be my build log for the Colonial Schooner Hannah in 1/48. The Hannah is going to be built using Harold Hahn's plans and a timbering set from the Lumberyard. The plan is to do a full rigging as well. Sails may or may not be included, that will...
  8. bikepunk

    Schooner Bluenose 1:48 plans by P.F. Eisnor, practium by Gene Bodnar

    Why I Chose the Bluenose My first introduction to the Bluenose was from Frank Mastini's book (Ship Modeling Simplified). To me, the ship had great lines and I really like the look of the rigging. In addition, having built 2 ships of war, and one currently being built, oddly I found myself...
  9. teleman

    Colonial Schooner Hannah by Cap'n Rat Fink - 1/4" scale - semi scratch - Mario

    One of my current builds. Hello All, I have started modeling again. It's not like I haven't had time. But have been wood working and bee box building. Having fun. But getting back to modeling now. I am getting back to my re-build of my Lady Kathrine, my Echo Cross Section, and now the Hannah...