1. Daniel20

    VASA 490 Build Log - Billing Boats, 1:75

    It's my pleasure to introduce my version of the famous Swedish VASA warship. I invite all to join in on this my second major build. My wife's mother was from Sweden and her dad was from Denmark. A few years ago she had the opportunity to visit relatives in Sweden and visited the VASA museum . So...
  2. mgovey

    Wasa build

    I started this kit in 1993 and made progress till birth of sons and life and put in storage. Am starting again progress so far of billings kits of the 90s may be second release of ship and colors incorrect to start.
  3. Short John Bronze

    Vasa build of Corel kit

    Introduction. I have read various SOS postings on the merits of various Vasa kits: Billing, Corel, d'Agostini, Mantua. I have settled on the Corel version even though it is not the most highly favoured. The kit is about half the price of d'Agostini and the negative comparisons (accuracy etc.)...
  4. zoly99sask

    New kit New Vasa kit from Artesania Latina

  5. dockattner

    Vasa - 1:65 DeAgostini

    Hello everyone! My name is Paul and I have been thinking about building the Vasa for a really, really long time. It would seem the time has finally come! There are plenty of logs out there for the Swedish warship Vasa. So why another one? Two reasons: 1) I need help! I have only built one...
  6. Broadsides

    Modified Airfix 1:144 Scale Classic Series WASA c.1628

    Professionally I build by way of scratch. But from time to time I obtain a plastic kit and work it as if it were wood -replacing as much of the plastic as possible and reinforcing the remainder using pine, birch and/or bass woods. On occasion, where warranted I will upgrade certain areas with...
  7. md1400cs

    Corel Vasa - a problem and a fix - I think

    Hi Mates, This needed to be done – so taking a slight break from my current build Santisima cross-section to revisit the Vasa (no build log) for a needed new Lantern. The one that I had installed is totally inappropriate for a ship such as that- much too basic looking. AND much too high as well...
  8. PeterG

    Vasa Build Log - Billing Boats - Scale 1/75

    I only recently discovered SOS and so wasn't entering a build log as I went for the last few months of a build of the Swedish Vasa from the Billing Boat kit. My name is Peter, and I live in the snow country of south-east Australia. About 12 months ago, following a cruise in the Baltic Sea my...
  9. Kageecanuck

    Wasa by Corel

    Well its time for a new project. I’ve had this model in the box for a couple years, bought it off eBay at a bargain price. Started by placing all the ribs in place making sure they all fit well and trimming where needed and then gluing in place. Followed by making sure all the deck pieces fit...
  10. Frankberge

    Deagostini Wasa 1:65

    Hello this is currently not started yet, but i would like to show you guys what i have been collecting for about a year now. I am recieving a monthly package with some parts to the Deagostini wasa 1:65. I am waiting for all the parts and knowledge i might be able to learn before i will start to...