Bluenose, 1921, Nova Scotia - 1:72 Scale - YuanQing

A bit more progress tonight on frames...Ive snapped more than a couple, but they seem to have patched up well for the most part... keel is just balanced on there for a peek, not set in the notches just yet.
Lots of pictures of frames in this log!! :p

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!!! A Warning !!!: To those who are assembling frames. It is very tempting to insert the frames in the jig as you are making them to watch the form of the hull develop. As this can be an incredibly tight fit, there is a strong likelihood of snapping the frames when you try to remove them before assembling the keel/frame connections. I would warn against doing this unless you have really sanded/filed the notches/frame tips for a loose,easy fit. I had sanded and filed quite a bit, but still had a pretty tight fit and broke a large number doing this. :( I am pretty ham handed, but thought I would try to save you all this unnecessary grief.
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Hello Eric, Does the frame (out of the box) came with the propper thicknesses? Does the frame require sending both sides before gluing to the jig? I guess, this has to be taken into account as well, IMHO
Hi Jim,
At least in my kit, the notches were significantly smaller than the thickness of the frames. I both filed the notches and sanded the tips of the frames, and they were still stuck tight on my trial fits.