COMMERCE de MARSEILLE - Model of an 118-Gun Ship in scale 1:72 / Modéle au 1/72 d'un vaisseau de 118 canons - by Francis JONET

As I have a good laziness at the moment, I am having fun with the photographs, especially, I wanted to know what is the atmosphere of the interior of the first bridge.
Gunport lids closed ...
Open gunport lids ...
Except for the hooked ankles, it does not look so bad.

But if we look more closely the music is a little different, I could not avoid some overflows of white glue. That's why the next bridge will be fully cyanoacrylate treated.


Here is a door test for the butchers' partitions.
is likely to become definitive. I redid all of these claustras, I have ...!
The painting highlights the defects (the macro too), there is need to do the cleaning in moucharabieh is not it?

The walls of the butchery of the second battery are finally over, I have to do the part overlooking the large room. Next step, the same for the third bridge (do not lose the hand).
A few more times of painting and it will be good.

The butchery of the second bridge with the protection box of the rudder tail.
À la demande de Uwe, j’ouvre ce sujet concernant la construction d’un vaisseau de 118 canons d’après la monographie de Gérard Delacroix « Le commerce de Marseille ». Construction dont la décision fut prise fin 2008 et a débutée par l’adaptation des plans de Gérard.

Le travail a véritablement commencé en février 2009 – onze ans déjà. Au cours de ces années, le modèle a évolué et, de 118 canons à l’origine, s’est transformé en un vaisseau de 120 bouches à feu équipé de caronades sur le pont des gaillards.

Uwe est en possession de l’ensemble des images postée sur le forum « Marine et Modélisme d’Arsenal » que je lui ai transmises. Il s’est chargé d’en traduire les textes pour ensuite distribuer tout cela sur le forum SoS.

J’espère que cela vous plaira.

Francis Jonet.

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At the request of Uwe, I open this subject concerning the construction of a 118-gun vessel from the Gérard Delacroix monograph "Le commerce de Marseille". Construction whose decision was taken at the end of 2008 and started with the adaptation of Gérard's plans.

The work really started in February 2009 - eleven years already. During these years, the model evolved and, from 118 guns originally, turned into a 120-gun vessel equipped with carronades on the forecastle deck.

Uwe is in possession of all of the images posted on the "Marine and Arsenal Modeling" forum that I sent him. He was responsible for translating the texts and then distributing all of this on the SoS forum.

I hope you will like it.

Francis Jonet.
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