1. C

    Le Gros Ventre 1/36th Scale - Monograph by GDelarcoix

    Greetings Group, I started this one back in 2019 (mainly the axial timbers) and after a few year hiatus have started building frames as of the beginning of August - 20 so far (roughly 1/3rd of the total frames. I am using swiss pear almost exclusively. The frames are simply assembled at this...
  2. Hoss6262

    Le Fleuron 1729 - 64 Gun Ship PoB Scratch Build in 1:48 - (Ancre Monograph-J. Boudriot/G. Delacroix)

    Hello Everyone, After 8 months of research and feasibility planning, I've decided to scratch build Le Fleuron. After reading all the great build logs on SoS and benefiting from everyone else's knowledge, I have decided to share my own. For me this will be a marathon and not a sprint...
  3. Uwek

    Planset review La MAHONESA - a spanish 34 gun 12pdr frigate - 1789 by Adrian SOROLLA and Fermin URTIZBEREA

    Planset Review La MAHONESA 34 - 12pdr gun Spanish frigate - 1789 by Adrian SOROLLA and Fermin URTIZBEREA english translation by Francois Fougerat Designed by Jose Fernandez de Landa - built by the engineer Honorat de Bouyon at Mahon available directly from ancre in english, french...
  4. Uwek

    Planset review LE MOURE DE POUAR - by Walter Gaspard in scale 1:24

    PLANSET REVIEW / LOOK INSIDE: LE MOURE DE POUAR Embarcation provençale by Walter Gaspard , Translated by François Fougerat new publication from ancre available in english, french or italian language in scale 1:24 and also in addition plans in 1:18 or 1:12 available...
  5. Bill-R

    L'Amarante 1747 from ANCRE monograph in 1:36 - by Bill-R

    Hello everyone, My order from ANCRE arrived today. I placed the order on 06-04-2022 ( which was a Saturday) and it arrived today!!! That was nine days from France. I live in Florida. You can't do any better than that. It would take that long to order something from my own state. Thank you ANCRE...
  6. Gventura

    1/48 L'Egyptienne Frigate

    Hello again everyone! I'm in the process of gathering all the necessary materials and setting up the workshop, in the next couple weeks I hope to start on L'Egyptienne. I'll be working from the Ancre monograph plans for the 24 pound Frigate L'Egyptienne, review you can find here...
  7. Tobias

    POF La Palme (L'Amarante) Corvette 1744 1:36 (Ancre Monograph) by Tobias

    Hello, everyone. Here I would like to introduce you to my second project, I am trying to build the La Palme, a sister ship of the L' Amarante. I hope that I get a lot of input from you to identify any errors and to fix them. Le Coureur will continue to be built whenever I need a change. Now...
  8. Block

    Le Commerce de Marseille 1788 scale 1/72

    The construction begins slowly with the axial frame and with pleasure. The whole ship will be in pearwood (Belgian school).
  9. M

    La Belle-Poule 1765 from Ancre's plans and monographs enlarged by 10%, By Mirek

    Witajcie koledzy! Obecnie kończę model statku Montanes i zaktualizowałem wpis wątku Twojego nowego wydarzenia, zaktualizuję wystawę La Belle-Poule. Nie będę się rozpisywał na jego historii i planach, gdy prowadzisz temat. Mój model jest powiększony o 10% chciałem aby mógł ponad 100 cm długości...
  10. O

    La Diligente 1738-1761 di Oliver G ; in scala 1/36

    Inizio di un nuovo Avventura!! Beginning of a new Adventure !!
  11. Ronald

    Le Commerce de Marseille 1788 - 1801 scale 1:48 from Gerard Delacroix

    Finally I can start this thread where I can share my progress on a project I wanted to start a long time ago... Ever since I saw the plan's of this ship I was attracted to it. I love three-deck galleons and this is really a beauty. I decided to build it in scale 1:48 instead of 1:72 to be able...
  12. archjofo

    La Créole 1827 by archjofo - Scale 1/48 - French corvette

    Hello, up to now I have also been represented in other forums. Due to the fact that many excellent model builders also present their building reports here, I have decided to show my building report on the model of the La Créole here in the future. At the end of this thread I will show you a...
  13. Randy Halter

    LE FLEURON 1729 1:48 scale - Randy Halter

    Hello, I'm Randy Halter and I live in Madison Mississippi. I would like to present to you my Le Fleuron build.
  14. maxi

    L'Ambitieux scale 1/48 - Plans Jean Boudriot

    Bonjour, Début de la construction du vaisseau par les varangues et genoux de 22 couples centraux. J'attend le bois pour la charpente axiale. En attendant, poncage du travail fait et usinage des allonges. A bientôt. :) PS: La dernière photo représente mon systeme de " serrage-collage ". 3 carrés...
  15. Uwek

    Planset review LE BOULLONGNE - flûte de la COMPAGNIE DES INDES - 1759 - scale 1:48 - by Jean Boudriot

    Planset Review: LE BOULLONGNE flûte de la COMPAGNIE DES INDES - 1759 Vol.1: Vaisseaux Hommes, Voyages et Commerce Vol.2: Boullongne - Vaisseau 600.tx - scale 1:48 by Jean Boudriot THE SHIPS OF THE "COMPAGNIE DES INDES" 1720 - 1770 People, Voyages, and Trade With complete plans of the timber...
  16. Uwek

    Book review LA MARINE DE LOUIS XVI (book with 45 plans) - by Patrick VILLIERS

    Book Review: LA MARINE DE LOUIS XVI 1. Vaisseaux et frégates de Choiseul à Sartine by Patrick VILLIERS New augmented edition and color documents. book with 480 pages and 45 drawings and plans in an additional slipcase available in french language directly from ancre via...
  17. Jeronimo

    74 Gun Ship - Gun decks [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello modeling friends. Animated by the pictures by Gregory Franchetti and the drawings by Jean Boudriot, I try to build the three gun decks as a cross-sectional on a scale 1/24. First, I made an auxiliary construction four the mounting and alignment of the frames, to strengthen them , the bar...
  18. Uwek

    Book review "Fitting and rigging a 74-gun model ship" by Francis Jonet

    Book Review: Fitting and rigging a 74-gun model ship Author: Francis Jonet, our member @Francis Jonet translated into English by Gille Korent, our member @Gilles Korent The front and back side of the Book This guide is a help to the construction of the equipment of a ship model of the...
  19. Uwek

    Planset review LA VOLAGE – A long bark / Barque longue - 1693 in scale 1:24 or 1:36 by Jean-Claude Lemineur

    Planset Review: LA VOLAGE A long bark / Barque longue 1693 Scale 1:24 or 1:36 by Jean-Claude Lemineur Brand new release, just some days ago published and already in the french version on my desk - many thanks to Dider Berti from ancre for the fast and safe postage. This very...
  20. Uwek

    Planset review SCUNA - Brigantino Goletta 1903 - scale 1:50 - by Franco Fissore

    Planset Review: SCUNA Brigantino Goletta 1903 Scale 1:50 by Franco Fissore The two Volume set of this Monograph is available in italian language directly from ancre: Size of the model in...