1. shota70

    POF L'Amarante Corvette de 12 canons 1744 1:36 (Ancre Monograph- Gérard Delacroix) By Shota

    Hello My dear friends Today I am happy to announce that I'm opening my new construction project : POF L'Amarante Corvette de 12 canons 1744 1:36 (Ancre Monograph by Gérard Delacroix) with this beautiful I will enter an important and challenging phase, building a full scratch model. First, I...
  2. Jampacv71

    1:48 scale Le Cygne

    Hello everyone, I have posted finished projects before, but have never completed a build log. This will be my first. Plans from Ancre. So far I have worked on the bulkheads and frame. Used Poplar for internal structure. Deck is going to be in Maple. Unsure what I will use for the hull...
  3. Titoneri

    Le Rochefort yacht de port de 1787 au 1/36 ( monographie ANCRE)

    Bonjour grand début pour moi , l’aventure commence doucement
  4. Luango

    LA VOLAGE 1693 1/24 ANCRE

    Hola a tod@s. Espero que os guste mi primer intento de arsenal. Las siguientes fotos serán cuando lije. Como todo, las cosas no las intentas porque son difíciles: son difíciles porque no las intentas. ( CLAUDIO ANNEO S.) Hi everyone. I hope you like my first attempt at arsenal. The next photos...
  5. M

    Le Rochefort

    Finally getting started on the Le Rochefort. I've cut the keel, stem and stern. My primary wood is cherry.
  6. Uwek

    Planset review L´AIGLE - The Imperial yacht - 1857 - by Tola PONEDELNIK and Alain DEGNY

    Planset Review: AIGLE - L`Aigle The Imperial yacht of Napoleon III 1857 - 1892 Author : Tola PONEDELNIK - Alain DEGNY Translated by François Fougerat Monograph with 10 plates / drawings at 1/100th or 1/75th scale available in french or english language directly from ancre...
  7. Mic_Nao

    Frigate L'Egyptienne 1799 - Scale 1/48 by Mic_Nao

    I'm opening this topic dedicated to the Frégate de 24 l'Egyptienne, designed by François Caro and built in Toulon in 1799. The documentation (based on the English and French archives) was established by Gerard Delacroix in a monograph published by Ancre in 2019. This exceptional...
  8. Splinter

    Le Rochefort 1/36 by Splinter

    Hey Let me introduce myself, I'm Splinter and I started modeling 2 years‘s ago. I silently follow various artists regarding this form of model building. I am someone who keeps reports concise because knowledge is very limited, besides I am not a professional photographer In the meantime I had...
  9. S

    My Le Rochefort construction by Szilágyi László

    Hello! We have been talking privately with Zoly since the summer. In the end, taking his advice (as I am a beginner in this category) I decided to build a simple boat. This was Le Rochefort. I first ordered Ardian's book, then a monograph, along with the plans. You can imagine that I was happy...
  10. doansch

    Le Rochefort, yes but at 1/45

    hello, You can count me in, I will be part of it but since I like small scale, (finished model take less space) so mine will be at 1/45, finished hull will only be 40.5 cm, plan have been ordered.
  11. G

    Le Rochefort Group build log by Gary

    Waiting for book ,and plans, reading "Planking Techniques for model ship builders" by Donald Dressel, wondering if there is a local wood supplier in Ontario.
  12. moreplovac

    Le Rochefort 1/36 - Build Log by Moreplovac

    This will be my first scratch build since elementary school.. hopefully some needed skills are still obtained... I have ordered "An Introduction to planked on frame scale model ship" book and Le Rochefort 1787 plan set from Ancre. The shipment will be made on Dec 12, 2022 with ETA between 15 to...
  13. D

    Le Rochefort 1/24th build log by Dave M

    Thanks to all those who are participating as well as well as those facilitating or just lurking. Most folks won’t go with 1/24th scale, but I need the larger size to work around some personal limirations. As usual the first challenge is determining the quantity and type of wood to order. I’m...
  14. OlivierF

    Le Rochefort build log by OlivierF

    Ordered “The Package” (monographie and Sorolla’s book) from A.N.C.R.E today. The clock is ticking… wonder if I’ll get them in time for Santa to put under the tree…
  15. T

    Le Rochefort Group Build by Tim

    I am the worst model builder going, so I don’t know if I will build. I will watch and learn! I have ordered the book from ANCRE. Can’t wait to see it. Tim Murphy
  16. Jwallkc

    LE ROCHEFORT -1787 by jwallKC (Ancre plans)

    More to come
  17. Tobias

    LE ROCHEFORT - Harbour yacht from 1787 1:36 by Tobias (Monograph by ANCRE)

    Hello everyone, first of all a thank you to the admins who opened this group building, also a thank you to Toni aka @Tonip who has put a lot of effort and commitment into getting this thing rolling and of course to all the others who have shown a keen interest in a group building Le Rochefort...
  18. Tony P

    Le Rochefort 1:36 build by Tony P

    Thanks Donnie and Zoly for creating this group build and recruiting some more modelers for this project. I’ve been studying the plans and the book for quite some time now. Adrian’s book is a true step by step log of his build. If this is your first POF build like me (the Blandford section was my...
  19. Donnie

    Le Rochefort Build Log by Donnie

    I ordered Plans on Saturday 11-26-2022. This would be my first legitimate scratch build from choosing the lumber to following plans from ANCRE. I ordered the basic Plan set of 1/36 and the Booklet that comes with it. Last year, I ordered the Adrian Sorola book and read through almost all of it...
  20. C

    Le Gros Ventre 1/36th Scale - Monograph by GDelarcoix

    Greetings Group, I started this one back in 2019 (mainly the axial timbers) and after a few year hiatus have started building frames as of the beginning of August - 20 so far (roughly 1/3rd of the total frames. I am using swiss pear almost exclusively. The frames are simply assembled at this...