Constellation, the sloop of war c.1856 in 1:36 scale for R/C sailing

May 12, 2017

Maryland USA
Took another shot at printing the pivot gun again back on the 14th, as a single piece, since printing it in separate parts all failed. Got much better results, but not perfect. The last bit to print, the front end of the slide, didn't turn out, the gun's cascabel, and some other details didn't turn out, but I think I can repair it by reprinting just those bits and gluing them on. This was printed with a translucent resin that's supposed to be stronger than the gray stuff.
I need two of these so I'll be printing another one with new supports to address the issues this one had. If that one turns out, I'll print a third one and this one will become a knickknack, though I'll go ahead with the fixes.

con20200914f.jpg con20200919a.jpg