Caf Model - New Kit HMS Granado 1742 Kit

Wow - these are great news
and you are following the plan, not only to cut the frames along a line, seems that the cut between the lower and the upper part is following the real elements of a frame (futtock and top-timbers)



So such a model like in the NMM would be possible to realize - even more "complicate" Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup

Hi Spars,

the CAF kit is vastly superior in every aspect. Its bigger at 1/48 scale and its plank on frame compared to the Jokita kit of 1/64 and that is plank on bulkhead.
Also the timber and fittings are first class compared to the Jokita kit.
How does this kit match up with JoTiKa?
I have built years ago the Granado kit from Jotika
No question Jotika is a good kit, but designed 20 years ago..... Plank on Bulkhead, 1:64, no interiors etc.
The CAF is Plank of Frames with all accurate frame details, 1:48, interior, much better timber quality, much more details and high quality of the fittings and and and (also much longer construction time)
Important is the fact, that the structure of the hull with the frames, beams, carlings etc. is exactly like the original ship was constructed
If you like POF, than the CAF-kit is one of or maybe the BEST on the market