Caf Model - New Kit HMS Granado 1742 Kit

As a buyer won’t cost you anything,I use Pay Pal for 20 years to date
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Well I do use PayPal so I just ordered one - yep, $363…. Can’t wait to get it… c’mon couple more and we get a group build going!! After glider season of course….
Good for you! I, too, am anticipating the fall/winter season here in Minnesota where it has been known to snow and get cold...LoL
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I love this kit !!!
Tom, you are surprising us everytime with something new, something very helpful like the new type of template Thumbsup
Very good work

BTW: The planned details of the oven are amazing
I have commenced building the full kit, and will post an update soon.

So are those templates positioning the location of the deck clamp? Then what is dimension (or location) b for?