1. M

    L´Amarante 1:36 POF

    Hello everyone. Last year I successfully completed the construction of the Le Gros Ventre model according to Gerard Delacroix's monograph (published on modelshipworld.com) and I chose L'Amarante as my next model (also according to GD's monograph). I started the POF construction at the end of...
  2. Modelship Dockyard

    Modelship Dockyard - New Kit [Modelship Dockyard] PoF H.M.S. Enterprize 1774, the 1/48 version!

    Hi folks, this is Victor from Modelship Dockyard. First of all I want to wish you all, a happy Chinese/Lunar new year! It’s the year of Loong (Dragon). I know a lot of you are waiting, i’ve received many messages and emails about this kit. Now, as a “festival gift”, I’m now bringing you guys the...
  3. E

    HMS Enterprize 1774 1:96 von Modelship Dockyard

    Hello everyone, On Tuesday I received the beautiful kit of the HMS Enterprize 1774 1:96 from Dry-Dock Models & Parts. It has very cleanly lasered parts and very detailed CNC milled parts made of boxwood such as the figurehead and the transom, which are also included as a 3D printed version...
  4. Gventura

    HMS Enterprize 1/96 by Modelship Dockyard

    Hello! It has been a long time. I have yet to make any progress on my L'Egyptaine, I just don't have the time currently to sit down and do a full scratch build. So I was extremely excited when I saw this little kit announced. I immediately pre-ordered it and it arrived about a week ago. I'm...
  5. Trident Model

    Trident Model - New Kit Granado Granado Granado TridentModel 1:48

    Welcome everyone to sail with us again. This time, a brand new Hu design and processing method were adopted. In the subsequent journeys, I will introduce to you one by one. Thank you to our great designer "Song Shuang" Part 1: Keels
  6. W

    LE FLEURON 1/48 POF by Wang - Modelship Dockyard

    The size of the model is 1160X270X340 (mm). The dock of the model is composed of 4 segments. The maker can choose to make the model into 4 segments or as a whole.
  7. K

    PRINTZ FRIDERICH (1761 - 1780) - danish 70-gun Ship of the Line - 1:48 by Karl I. Malcha

    If you like - come abord to have a look at the last bunch of pictures taken mostly by the professional fotografers Lars Gundersen (Copenhagen) and Meike Hilbert (Langenhorn)
  8. glennb17

    Hayling Hoy: POF kit [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hi Everyone, I've been trying to work my way up through different skill level kits to get to, some day, be able to build my own plank-on-frame scratch model. Now there seems to be a number of nice POF kits in quality hardwood from China and I, perhaps foolishly, decided to cut the line. I had...
  9. Dubz Modelling World

    Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section, Scale 1:72, POF Kit by Miniature Arts

    Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section, Scale 1:72, POF Kit by "Miniature Arts" Description HMS Granado was launched at Harwich in 1742, during the War of the Austrian Succession as a sloop-of-war. During this war she captured a French privateer. During the Seven Years' War she served both as a...
  10. Modelship Dockyard

    Modelship Dockyard - New Kit PoF 1:96 H.M.S. Enterprize 1774 by Modelship Dockyard

    Hi guys, it’s Modelship Dockyard here. Since the establishment of this brand, we have made numerous attempts in the field of frigates, especially English frigates. This includes our previously released PoF HMS Blandford, PoB Pandora, as well as some upcoming frigate projects. We believe that we...
  11. Mic_Nao

    Frigate L'Egyptienne 1799 - Scale 1/48 by Mic_Nao

    I'm opening this topic dedicated to the Frégate de 24 l'Egyptienne, designed by François Caro and built in Toulon in 1799. The documentation (based on the English and French archives) was established by Gerard Delacroix in a monograph published by Ancre in 2019. This exceptional...
  12. Steef66

    Hohenzollernmodell 1660-1670 Scale 1/75 POF build by Stephan Kertész (Steef66)

    Welcome to my account of the Dutch two-decker in POF. A while ago I bought myself a book of the writer Heinrich Winter, "A Dutch two-decker". You can find the book review here...
  13. Vitaly Makhorsky

    HMS Sussex 1693 - 1:48 - based on Monographie from Gilbert McArdle [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Good afternoon I present the history of the construction of my model, built according to the monograph Gilbert McArdle "HMS Sussex 1693" . Model completed in 2020, it took 2 years to build. I'll just post the rest of the pics here.
  14. dockattner

    Kingfisher 1770 1:48 POF

    In January of 1766 the Royal Navy ordered two ships to be built conforming to a new design developed by the Surveyor of the Navy, Sir John Williams. The first of these was launched in November 1767 (Swan) and the second (Kingfisher) was launched in July of 1770 (but not completed until November...
  15. N

    POF Hayling 1760

    Good afternoon, dear shipwrights.My name is Vadim.After many days of viewing your work, I decided to join you.Stop looking, we need to build.And so I started building my boat.I hope I can do it.I apologize for the correctness of the words.I use an online translator.if it turns out to be funny or...
  16. Andris

    Hayling 1760 (my first kit) [COMPLETED BUILD]

    to this moment....
  17. Dubz Modelling World

    Kit review Hayling Hoy 1760 - POF - 1:48 - Modelship Dockyard

    Company: Modelship Dockyard Retail Price: $ 290.00 incl. shipping Available here: https://drydockmodelsandparts.com/collections/modelship-dockyard-ship-model-kits/products/hayling-hoy Description Hoy is a relatively small offshore sailing ship. Most of these ships are single-masted and weigh...
  18. Tom of all trades

    Another Hayling 1760 build

    As requested by Jim, here's my build log of the Model Dockyard POF Hayling 1760 (I will try my best to keep it updated... honest). First off, the quality of the kit contents is excellent - and I really mean that. The wood and etched sheets are the best I've ever seen. I've never used pear wood...
  19. Ornholt

    Hayling 1760 1:48 from Modelship Dockyard [COMPLETED BUILD]

    My new projekt! Starting now.
  20. A

    POF Hayling Hoy 1760 Modelship Dockyard

    Hello my name is Arne and I’m from the Netherlands. Have been watching in silence at al the great builds over here. This will be my first build log. Build some ships before like the Endeavour j class. But never a POF build. I still have a lot to learn. Hope this build log will help with that...