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HMS PEGASUS (1776) - Amati - Scale 1:64

I am also looking forward to see your ship growing
I will sit together with all friends in the first row to see your progress in your building log
Congratulation with Build, which is easy. HOPE that you have made a Photo Copy of all wooden parts- bulkheads, keel, bow and stern and parts.
If something goes wrong or a missing parts you have a Backup -I have 50 Years of experience-
Nice description of the unboxing. I am also in the process of building the Pegasus, started last year but had to put it on hold due to a move.
I am looking forward to getting back at it. I am anxious to follow your build, thanks for posting.View attachment 240844View attachment 240845
WERRY WELL DONE MATE. Perfect Plank, Deck etc. As it is on the high end of Price you have the right curves un bulkheads for water runoff. the only tini comment I have is Your Gunports. They look to tiny to me- Sorry-
It will be a little longer before I get back at my build. I am so looking forward to it. As for the gunport they are exactly according to the plans, not sure where to get more information on these.
View attachment 241470
Wonderful copper plates!

As for the gunports, there is a very thin board visually. If you count the thickness of the top timbers (which should be wider than the thickness of the plywood in this kit) + planking on the outboard and inboard = 300-350 mm. Of course, the planksheer should also be wider: 350-400 mm + ... In the drawings from the kit, the planksheer is only 275 mm, while in the drawings of David Ancheerl 432 mm. I have a collection of his books about Swan Class - so there is a place to look and where to get information.
Here is a video review of the books: