Medieval Fortified Village

Great details you are making - I like especially the small construction site (I am in real life a civil engineer)
Also f.e the gravestones are bringing some life into the diorama (my words are sounding stupid, but I mean it like this
I love it !!!!!
After the base 1 church + cloister, I went to part 2, center of the village.

Before plunging for a long time in the pavement of the alleys, I wanted to integrate a little more the base with the buildings, creating a massive underneath to the tower of the seigneurial dwelling: before aging and vegetalization.

And I move on to the mosaic of the streets with the paving stones and the central drain ...

Here is the site as it is: the central base is paved. It's a job this part!

The stones are still rough and not properly sanded, hence the difference with the houses.
I think I'm going to pave the 3 base (the one of the village door), and harmonize everything at the same time...
In short, still a few tens of hours before showing you something realistic ! :cool:

The constructions simply put down, not glued:

The central base is empty, but paved!

In fact, what you see here is the raw pose, but :
- a central flow in each street is already made, but not enough dug,
- other flows are there, but they will not be seen until the shadows/ageing are in place
- some passages of the streets must be sanded to dig them, or bomb them; again, we will not see anything without weathering ...
- the dust will also come to level the whole, to properly incorporate the buildings and to draw some nuances,
- the foams, moulds will reinforce all the effects.

But I wanted to show this step because it represents the heavy base in terms of hours to spend...
It's almost a mosaic!
Thanx all ! Thumbsup
When I built the fortified gate, I calculated the counterweight so that the harrow could close properly. But it's a model, it has since been fixed.
The same goes for the heavy wooden doors reinforced with iron on the inside: they are really the right size and fit under the counterweight of the harrow without any problem.
To check it, I made these pictures before gluing the whole thing :P6010001.JPGP6010002.JPGP6010006.JPGP6070003.JPGP6070004.JPG

@pianoforte : Yes, I know Guédelon and Vezelay well: I have been there several times. And in many other places with medieval sites or towns, the list would be too long! :cool:
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